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June 2004 - Volume 57 - Issue 6
pp: 4-56

What do your patients remember?

Margolis, Robert H.

The Hearing Journal. 57(6):10,12,16-17, June 2004.

Everyone agrees that counseling is crucial to effective hearing healthcare. But what good does it do if patients don't remember what you say? After citing evidence that patients retain correctly only about 25% of what their healthcare providers tell them, this month's Page Ten author offers tips on making your informational counseling memorable.

A year after privacy rules take effect, hearing professionals seem to be adapting

Pallarito, Karen

The Hearing Journal. 57(6):19-20,22,24, June 2004.

Before the HIPAA protections of patient privacy went into effect last April, many hearing professionals were concerned about the burden the law might impose. Interviews suggest that most practitioners have met the requirements without too much trouble. However, there is evidence that some practices are not yet fully HIPAA-compliant.

Appraising an automatically switching directional system in the real world

Olson, Laurel; Ioannou, Maria; Trine, Timothy D.

The Hearing Journal. 57(6):32,34,36,38, June 2004.

A study of a hearing aid that goes in and out of directional mode automatically as the environment changes suggests that advanced algorithms can give users what they want “switch-lessly.”