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January 2004 - Volume 57 - Issue 1
pp: 4-64

Ten winners from ten years of Page Ten

The Hearing Journal. 57(1):10,12,16-18, January 2004.

To celebrate the completion of its first decade, Page Ten is holding a reunion. The authors of 10 outstanding Page Ten articles have returned to provide an update on what has happened in their subject area since they first wrote about it.

Professional burnout: How to stop it from happening to you

Nemes, Judith

The Hearing Journal. 57(1):21-22,24,26, January 2004.

The special pressures that hearing healthcare providers face can take a toll over time on even the most stable of psyches. In this cover story, hearing professionals with first-hand experience with burnout and counselors accustomed to treating professionals discuss the warning signals and offer advice on how to cure or, better yet, avert this common problem.

Solving the 31% dilemma: Strategies to bring new patients to your practice

Marsh, Don

The Hearing Journal. 57(1):28,30-31,34, January 2004.

A veteran marketing consultant offers some new ways of thinking about traditional marketing media, with a focus on generating new business.