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Audiologic referral criteria: Sample clinic guidelines

Steiger, James R.

The Hearing Journal. 58(5):38,39,42, May 2005.

The author offers two original flow charts to help clinicians follow a systematic process in determining when a medical referral is appropriate.

The Speech Intelligibility Index: What is it and what's it good for?

Hornsby, Benjamin W.Y.

The Hearing Journal. 57(10):10-17, October 2004.

If you're not quite sure what's the difference between the AI and the SII and how you use each of them, let this month's Page Ten explain the two measures and discuss their value in a daily clinical practice.

Auditory processing disorders: It's not just kids who have them

Bellis, Teri James

The Hearing Journal. 56(5):10-19, May 2003.

A review of auditory processing disorders in adults: how to diagnose them, why they matter, and strategies for managing them. Teri James Bellis

Hearing loss prevention information everyone can use

Flamme, Greg

The Hearing Journal. 62(6):10,12,16-17, June 2009.

Despite the known risks that excessive noise poses to hearing, all too many people are failing to protect themselves against it. There are many reasons why, including widespread ignorance of which noises are dangerous and of the strategies available to preserve hearing. The author explains why everyone in hearing healthcare can play a role in overcoming the problem.

Providing care to senior residences brings different challenges and rewards

Nemes, Judith

The Hearing Journal. 63(7):21-22,24-25, July 2010.

Elderly people living in nursing homes and other types of senior residences include a great many candidates for hearing healthcare. Practitioners with experience in this area talk about why and how they have chosen to serve this often neglected population.

Hearing loss and anxiety in adults

Carmen, Richard; Uram, Shelley

The Hearing Journal. 55(4):48,50,52-54, April 2002.

Many patients seen by hearing healthcare providers suffer from some form of anxiety—anxiety that may be aggravated by hearing loss or the prospect of treatment for that loss.

MarkeTrak VIII: Consumer satisfaction with hearing aids is slowly increasing

Kochkin, Sergei

The Hearing Journal. 63(1):19-20,22,24,26,28,30-32, January 2010.

Based on more than 3000 responses from hearing aid wearers to the eighth MarkeTrak survey, Better Hearing Institute Executive Director Dr. Sergei Kochkin determined that 74% of hearing instrument users in 2008 were satisfied with their fittings. That was significantly higher than the 68% satisfaction rate found by MarkeTrak VII in 2004 and the best ever recorded.