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Auditory processing disorders: It's not just kids who have them

Bellis, Teri James

The Hearing Journal. 56(5):10-19, May 2003.

A review of auditory processing disorders in adults: how to diagnose them, why they matter, and strategies for managing them. Teri James Bellis

“The Kiss of Deaf”: A case study

Reiter, Levi A.

The Hearing Journal. 61(8):32,34,36,37, August 2008.

You may have heard about this unusual case on national TV or read about it in your local paper. But here is the full story, with the audiologic details, of a mother whose ear was seriously damaged by a loving kiss from her 4-year-old daughter.

Audiologic referral criteria: Sample clinic guidelines

Steiger, James R.

The Hearing Journal. 58(5):38,39,42, May 2005.

The author offers two original flow charts to help clinicians follow a systematic process in determining when a medical referral is appropriate.

Speech-in-noise tests: How and why to include them in your basic test battery

Taylor, Brian

The Hearing Journal. 56(1):40,42-46, January 2003.

A practical guide to using speech-in-noise tests to identify patients with greater SNR loss. Obtaining this information helps clinicians counsel such patients effectively and make selection, fitting, and rehabilitation decisions that will maximize the benefit they get from hearing aids.

Hearing loss and anxiety in adults

Carmen, Richard; Uram, Shelley

The Hearing Journal. 55(4):48,50,52-54, April 2002.

Many patients seen by hearing healthcare providers suffer from some form of anxiety—anxiety that may be aggravated by hearing loss or the prospect of treatment for that loss.

Excellent customer service: Don't try to practice without it!

Hall, Renee

The Hearing Journal. 55(7):34-36, July 2002.

In the hearing care field, customer service is more important than ever. Some guidance for practitioners on optimizing their service.