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Articles by Robert H. Margolis

A few secrets about bone-conduction testing

Margolis, Robert H.

The Hearing Journal. 63(2):10,12,14,16-17, February 2010.

Bone-conduction testing is such a routine part of an audiologic evaluation, clinicians may tend to treat it too casually. This month's Page Ten author reminds readers to stop and think why they are doing this test and what the results can tell them.

What do your patients remember?

Margolis, Robert H.

The Hearing Journal. 57(6):10,12,16-17, June 2004.

Everyone agrees that counseling is crucial to effective hearing healthcare. But what good does it do if patients don't remember what you say? After citing evidence that patients retain correctly only about 25% of what their healthcare providers tell them, this month's Page Ten author offers tips on making your informational counseling memorable.