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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Signia’s Pure® Charge&Go X Hearing Aids Make ‘a World of Difference’ Says NFL Vet


Signia recently launched its latest innovation, the Pure® Charge&Go X rechargeable hearing aids that feature the world's first acoustic-motion sensors in hearing aids, Bluetooth connectivity, and a new lightweight design that makes these 16 percent smaller than the previous version while offering 20 percent more battery capacity.

"It's groundbreaking because it truly gives a patient's natural hearing back," said Lisa A. Perhacs, AuDClinical Education Specialist at Signia.

For former football pro—with two Super Bowl wins under his belt—and experienced hearing aid user, Terry Hanratty, this new technology has been a game changer. With his old hearing aids, he shared that he tended to miss words during conversations. He'd try so hard to catch the words someone is saying, then ended up missing the latter part of a sentence.

"You can see how this was very frustrating, said Hanratty. "But since these hearing aids, it's been a world of difference."  

Built upon the recently launched Signia Xperience platform, the new devices adapt to changes in the soundscape and detect when the wearer is in motion, responding automatically to deliver natural and personalized sound from any direction.

Hanratty has played as quarterback for eight seasons in the NFL, then worked on Wall Street for three decades. Now at 71, he maintains an active lifestyle—with good hearing at the forefront.

"It's about one's quality of life—because it's not only you, it's your spouse, children and grandchildren," shared Hanratty. "I've talked to many audiologists in the past several months, and they've said that 'The trouble they have is getting people into the office. Then we can treat them.' And that's what I want to do. I want to help get people in the audiologist's office."

"And that's the whole thing—it's about getting people in the audiologist's office," noted Perhacs. "Most people have a hearing loss for seven to 10 years before they do something about it."

With this new technology and added features, "we're trying to help open up the world of hearing for people who wouldn't normally enter into getting hearing aids," Perhacs explained.

The Pure Charge&Go X also features Signia's world's first Own Voice Processing (OVP™), which processes the wearer's voice separately from other sounds for a natural sounding own voice.

Other features include a lithium-ion rechargeability with 20 percent more battery capacity than Signia's previous Pure Charge&Go device, and a new inductive charger includes a protective lid that also dehumidifies the devices and fits custom ear molds. The charger is also backwards compatible with all Signia lithium-ion inductive charging hearing aids.

Pure Charge&Go X is also compatible with the newly launched Signia app, which combines all existing Signia apps into one. The new app enables wearers to further personalize the hearing experience, manage streaming music and activities, and even connect with their hearing care professional remotely.