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Friday, July 5, 2019

New Study Investigates Families’ Needs in the Transition to Early Intervention After Diagnosis of Hearing Loss

Researchers from the University of Queensland have conducted a qualitative investigation into the needs of families of children with hearing loss. The investigation concluded that these families have a wide range of needs during the transition to early intervention. These results suggested a need to provide individualized services and to consider each families' personalized needs when providing family-centered services. More specifically, families require supportive professionals to "walk the journey" with them. These families also have the emotional need to connect with other families who are "in the same boat." The qualitative study also interviewed families who have children with additional disabilities along with hearing loss. These families identified that they need professional support that is different from children who just have hearing loss. The qualitative study used semi-structured in-depth interviews and thematic analysis with 28 participants. The participants were from two different groups: family members of children with hearing loss (n=17) and professionals who support these families during the transition period from diagnosis of hearing loss to enrollment in early intervention (n=11).