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Monday, February 11, 2019

World Hearing Day Edit-a-Thon to Improve Wikipedia Content


On March 3rd, World Hearing Day, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) will be hosting the #Wiki4WorldHearingDay2019, an online edit-a-thon to expand and improve hearing-related content in Wikipedia. With over 400 million unique visitors and 7.8 billon monthly views,1 Wikipedia is one of the top visited websites, which makes improving content quality and multilingual availability vital to promoting awareness of hearing health care.  

The activity was inspired by NIOSH's previous and on-going collaborations with Wikimedia organizations in contributing data and new research on health and occupational safety. For example, NIOSH has partnered with university professors and students in Wikipedia editing and developing evidence-based content for Wikipedia articles.2

During this edit-a-thon, participants will be trained in editing and making substantive changes to Wikipedia articles on various hearing-related topics, including hearing tests, hearing loss services, and preventive and treatment options. Participants can also contribute by translating articles into different languages, suggesting hearing-related topics to write about, and promoting the activity on social media. Those who want to write original articles are also encouraged to submit their work, which will be reviewed and potentially published in this collection.

To join this initiative, visit the #Wiki4WorldHearingDay2019 page here:

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