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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Oticon’s Opn™ Hearing Aids Now Available at the U.S. VA

Oticon's Opn™ Custom hearing aid solutions are now available through the U.S. Veterans Affairs (VA) Administration, Department of Defense, and other federal agencies. With the addition of five new custom styles, including the smallest hearing aid style Oticon has ever produced, the expanded range offers sound experience in various performance levels to satisfy a wide range of veterans' hearing needs and preferences. All Opn solutions use BrainHearing™ technology that supports the brain in making sense of sound and enables users to easily identify where sounds are coming from, even in challenging environments. The custom lineup also provides more choices for veterans, especially those who are reluctant to try hearing aids. Features include 2.4 GHz low-energy Bluetooth® connectivity that offers an array of wireless possibilities.

The VerifitLINK built-in software interface has also become available to VA audiologists. With a single click of a button, Genie 2 communicates with the new tool to measure, automatically adjust and verify for a more efficient and accurate fitting. Audiologists maintain full control with the option to fine-tune and verify to further personalize the fitting. Patients experience a more comfortable fitting and optimum hearing aid benefit through a verified fitting. VerifitLINK's quick verification also helps to free up valuable time for counseling and validation that can further help reduce patient's return visits.