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Read updates on tinnitus research and management strategies.

Special issue presents rationales and data regarding new approaches to tinnitus

Sweetow, Robert W.

The Hearing Journal. 63(11):9-10, November 2010.

Tinnitus is one of the most common and most distressing complaints encountered by hearing healthcare providers. While there is no universal cure, progress is being made. In this special issue, advocates for a wide variety of new approaches to tinnitus present their evidence.

Insights on the origins of tinnitus: An overview of recent research

Kaltenbach, James A.

The Hearing Journal. 62(2):26-29, February 2009.

A leading expert on tinnitus reviews how much has been learned about the causes and mechanisms of this often-tormenting condition, and offers hope that more effective treatments may soon be within reach.

Auditory hallucinations: An audiological perspective

Musiek, Frank; Ballingham, Tee Marie; Liu, Barry; More

The Hearing Journal. 60(9):32-52, September 2007.

A comprehensive look at the characteristics, causes, and treatments of this not-so-rare phenomenon.

Tinnitus: recent insights into mechanisms, models, and therapies

Baguley, David M.

The Hearing Journal. 59(5):10,12,14,15, May 2006.

Although tinnitus remains a frustrating condition, progress on a number of fronts offers the prospects of more effective treatments in the future.