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Prepare for Your Baby’s Hearing Evaluation

The Hearing Journal 76(05):p 8, May 2023. | DOI: 10.1097/01.HJ.0000935976.34749.f0
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If your baby didn’t pass their Newborn Hearing Screening, they’ll need more complete testing to find out if they have hearing loss. Hearing is so important for your little one’s brain development! Find out the status of their hearing right away so you can help them get access to all the sounds that grow their brain for listening, talking, reading, and learning.

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● Schedule the test when your baby will most likely want to nap. Tests often require that your baby is sleeping for best results.

● If you have other kids, arrange for care so they can stay home and you can focus on your baby.

● Ask another adult family member or friend to go with you. They can help listen to information and take notes. If hearing loss is confirmed, it’s comforting to have someone support you.

● Bring some things from home! Snacks and water are helpful in case you spend time in the waiting room. A blanket or sweater is helpful if it’s chilly in the clinic!

● Be prepared for questions. You’ll likely be asked about your pregnancy, the birth, and family medical history, especially around hearing loss. Bring any medical reports if you have them.


● Be on time for the test session. Leave home early!

● Take notes! You can use a pen and a notepad or your phone.

● Be patient. You may receive information about your baby’s hearing right away after the test session, or you may have to wait a few days for the hearing test results.

● Get the audiologist’s business card and ask what’s the best way to communicate with them if you have questions later. Don’t be shy! It’s very common to think of new questions after you leave the appointment.


● If you find out that your baby has hearing loss, schedule a follow-up appointment to confirm the diagnosis. It’s best to schedule this appointment before you leave the clinic.

● After a diagnosis, the next step is devices! Schedule a hearing aid evaluation right away.

● If you want your baby to listen, talk, read, sing, and more — Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) is a path you can follow. Learn more about LSL at

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