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A new app by Singular Hearing uses artificial intelligence algorithms to separate speech and noise, enabling users to more effectively hold conversation in noisy settings like restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, and family gatherings. The HeardThat app is available for iOS and Android devices.

No other devices are required to use HeardThat. The software works using devices that users already own, such as most Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, cochlear implants, and ordinary earbuds or headphones.

Understanding speech in noise is a challenge for people across a range of hearing abilities, but particularly in the aging population. According to Singular Hearing, previous hearing assistive devices and apps have not provided a solution to background noise. Without the ability to hear conversations in loud places, individuals with hearing loss can feel isolation and experience cognitive decline.

“The ability to hear speech in noise is one of the first signs of hearing decline. It’s also the most desired feature users of hearing aids or other hearing-assistive wearables request,” said Singular Hearing founder and CEO Bruce Sharpe. “HeardThat users regularly share the positive impact our app has made on their lives and we’re proud to offer a solution that enables understandable conversations with less effort.”

Sonova Announces New Lumity Platform

The new Lumity platform by Sonova is designed to enhance speech understanding and minimize listening effort. The platform builds on the previous successes of Sonova’s Marvel and Paradise platforms to power the next generation of Phonak hearing tools.

“Lumity is a major step in our 75-year Phonak and Sonova journey to significantly improve hearing and allow people to actively participate in all moments of life,” said Arnd Kaldowski, CEO of Sonova. “With this next-level platform, we build on the foundations laid with Marvel and Paradise, our two most successful technology platforms to date. This strongly underlines our continuous commitment to innovation, as also reflected in our steadily increased R&D investment, which has grown by a double-digit percentage in each of the last three years.”

Lumity can help users achieve 16% better speech understanding from the front and an average of 15% improvement from the back and sides. It integrates Phonak’s SmartSpeech Technology. The platform uses directional microphone technology as well as StereoZoom 2.0 and SpeechSensor.

Lumity also utilizes universal Bluetooth connectivity so -users can track personal health data through the myPhonak app.

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