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Starkey's Livio AI hearing aid has received a 2020 Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Award in the Best Intelligent Personal Assistant category for using artificial intelligence to solve problems and revolutionize an industry. Livio AI was chosen from more than 2,000 international nominees after being judged by a panel with backgrounds in tech, business, sales, and academia on innovation, performance, ease of use, functionality, value, and impact. Livio AI is a multi-purpose hearing aid designed to provide users with hearing assistance and act as a gateway to information. With a double tap of their hearing aids or by using the Thrive Hearing Control app, Livio AI users have instant access to health tracking and other features like weather. Instant information access to hearing aid use and management improves on-boarding of users who may be new to Starkey products or who need a quick reminder about when to carry out certain tasks. “Artificial intelligence makes these Healthable features possible, giving patients what they want, from convenience to customization, said Brandon Sawalich, the president and CEO of Starkey.


GN Hearing has launched ReSound ONE, a new hearing aid that places an additional microphone inside the ear canal and allows users to experience the world with their own ears while preserving the comfort of an open-fit device. ReSound ONE uses the unique shape of every individual's ear to collect sound through a new receiver system combined with digital feedback suppression. By picking up sound directly inside the ear, ReSound ONE gives the brain everything it needs to tune in to individual voices while significantly reducing background noise. ReSound ONE also incorporates new All Access Directionality and the user-activated Ultra Focus settings, which significantly improve speech recognition while preserving spatial perception in complex sound and noise situations. ReSound ONE includes rechargeability and connectivity options for both iOS and Android smartphones for streaming and hearing aid control. ReSound ONE is now available, and this technology is also available in new Beltone Imagine hearing aids.


Fuel Medical is joining forces with the American Institute of Balance (AIB) to help its audiology and otolaryngology members incorporate, or expand, patient-centered, diagnostic vestibular services. AIB provides current and scientifically robust clinical protocols and information through its classes, workshops, online education, and certification programs. Through this partnership, Fuel Medical members will receive discounts and benefits on the Exclusive Center of Specialty Care Licensing, including protected territory, proprietary reporting software, physician and patient marketing, on-going training along with clinical, billing, and practice support. “We are proud to partner with the largest ENT and medically based audiology network in the industry,” said Richard Gans, PhD, the CEO of AIB. “Working with Fuel provides AIB with a unique opportunity to assist practices with expanding access to the highest quality diagnostics and balance care.”

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