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Eargo will be expanding support and services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by offering access to its team of licensed hearing professionals for free to all who need it, regardless of whether they are Eargo customers. The company has set up a hearing hotline at 1-800-885-HEAR, which will be available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. Free hearing health educational resources can also be found at To soften the financial investment of purchasing a device, Eargo has waived handling fees and will offer special financing for its hearing aids. All of the company's devices are available for purchase at 0 percent financing over 24 months, and will be available for purchase indefinitely at or via phone. Federal employees and retirees who are members of the Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield plan will have special access to expedited shipping. Eargo also extended the introductory price for its latest product, the Neo HiFi, into April. Eargo wants to make sure anyone who is experiencing hearing difficulties has access to licensed hearing professional support, including those who are not Eargo customers, said Christian Gormsen, the CEO of Eargo. “Your hearing health is our top priority, and we will continue to be available to all to address their hearing health needs whenever they need it, wherever they need it,” he said.


Decibel Therapeutics’ hearing loss prevention drug for chemotherapy-associated ototoxicity, DB-020, has been shown to be safe and well tolerated in healthy volunteers, according to results from a Phase 1a trial published in a peer-reviewed journal (Invest New Drugs. 2020 Mar 10. doi: 10.1007/s10637-020-00918-1; The study also confirmed that administration of DB-020, which is delivered locally to the inner ear via intratympanic injection, resulted in only nominal systemic increases of sodium thiosulfate, suggesting the drug should have no impact on the efficacy of cisplatin therapy throughout the body. Publication of the Phase 1a data provides early validation of the safety and ease of delivery of DB-020, said Vissia Viglietta, MD, PhD, the vice president of clinical development at Decibel. “This is an important step in our quest to help patients with hearing and balance disorders, particularly the many patients who survive cancer only to have their hearing damaged after undergoing chemotherapy,” she said. Decibel has initiated a Phase 1b trial of DB-020 in patients undergoing treatment with cisplatin. The trial will evaluate the safety and efficacy of DB-020 in preventing hearing loss.


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Widex has introduced the WIDEX MOMENT hearing aid, which eliminates the out-of-sync sound for wearers with mild to moderate hearing loss without sacrificing natural sound. The WIDEX MOMENT platform achieves this hearing experience by pairing the classic Widex signal pathway with a second ultra-fast signal pathway that adds extra gearing to the platform. This Widex ZeroDelay Accelerator reduces the processing delay between microphone and receiver to below 0.5 milliseconds, enabling the two sound signals to meet at virtually the same time in the eardrum and thereby eliminating the artificial sound quality and creating a more natural sound experience. The new hearing aid also offers smart streaming and rechargeability, and is compatible with the SoundSense Learn smartphone app, which leverages AI and machine learning to personalize one's hearing experience and create hearing programs based on a wearer's typical environments.


Earlens has been chosen as a winner of the gold 2020 Edison Award, which honors game-changing innovations, for its Contact Hearing Solution. Earlens was chosen as a winner among nominees comprising the most innovative products, services, and businesses of 2020 by a panel of over 3,000 leading business executives from around the world. The Earlens Contact Hearing Solution is a revolution in hearing technology and care, offering patients premium sound with a custom fit solution and expert care through a joint physician, audiology, and concierge care model. Frank Bonafilia, the executive director of the Edison Awards, said, “After a thorough review, the Edison Awards Judges recognize the Earlens Contact Hearing Solution as a game-changing innovation standing out among the best new products and services launched in their category.” Bill Facteau, the president and chief executive officer of Earlens, said they are thrilled to be recognized in the category of health and wellness technology. “By sending sound information directly to the eardrum without a speaker, Earlens is able to give users the rich, natural sound, and unparalleled hearing experience that they deserve,” he said.

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