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ZVOX Audio has launched an online hearing screening tool test that allows people to get a hearing analysis at home. The new test measures the user's ability to understand the human voice in a noisy environment, unlike conventional hearing tests that use tones to evaluate hearing, said ZVOX CEO Tom Hannaher. “But this screening uses words in background noise, which may better represent hearing difficulty in noisy environments,” he said. The test is developed based on a study that found antiphasic digit presentation markedly improved the sensitivity of the digits-in-noise test to detect sensorineural hearing loss. It is available at, and requires a pair of headphones or earbuds to complete. The company stressed that some people should have their hearing tested by a trained audiologist, but the ZVOX test should prove to be highly effective for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.


Dianne Cooper, AuD, MBA, the chief of audiology and chief experience officer at NationsHearing, has been named a Silver Stevie Award winner in the category of Female Executive of the Year—Consumer Services—11 to 2,500 employees, at the 16th Annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business. Cooper was the first employee to join NationsHearing and has been instrumental in establishing the infrastructure and business strategy of the company to help NationsHearing increase profitability and drive growth. She and her team also developed a treatment program that was awarded a Certificate of Validation by the Validation Institute in 2018, which verifies that NationsHearing's interventions can reduce the rate of falling in the senior population and decrease costs for fall-related hospitalizations. The Stevie Awards received more than 1,500 entries by organizations and individuals in 25 nations for consideration in more than 90 categories, including Executive of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, Startup of the Year, and more.


Signia has released Pure Charge&Go, its new rechargeable receiver-in-canal hearing aid with acoustic-motion sensors to deliver better hearing from any direction, in any situation, even when moving. Pure Charge& Gocan adapt to changes in their soundscape and detect when the wearer is in motion, responding automatically to deliver natural and personalized sound from any direction. It also offers Bluetooth connectivity to stream phone calls, music, and TV audio to the hearing aids. Wearers will benefit from Signia's own voice processing, which processes the wearer's voice separately from other sounds for a natural-sounding own voice. Built with lithium-ion rechargeability, Pure Charge& GoX holds 20 percent more battery capacity than Signia's previous Pure Charge& Godevice, giving wearers greater flexibility and convenience as they go about their day. And with a sleek and slim design, it's 16 percent smaller than its predecessor, delivering greater comfort and long wearing time. A new inductive charger includes a protective lid that also dehumidifies the devices and fits custom ear molds. The charger is also backwards compatible with all Signia lithium-ion inductive charging hearing aids.


AuDConnex has launched a micro-grant program that is made available to hearing health care providers who are aligned with philanthropic work in their community and abroad. The micro-grant allows hearing health care providers to apply for up to 20 free hearing aids per year to utilize through philanthropic work in their local market or as part of an international mission. Applicants must be an ENT, an audiologist, or a hearing instrument specialist, and they should describe the scope of the work or project they are aligning with and the mission's goals. Each application will be reviewed and rated by the founders of AuDConnex. Richard Johnson, AuD, the co-owner of AuDConnex, said, “By offering these grants, we hope that we will further engage the members of our industry to participate in community outreach efforts and to use their talents to help people in need with hearing loss improve their hearing and quality of life. Giving back not only helps others, but it is good for our souls.”

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