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Manufacturers News covers the latest products, programs, and news from hearing health care companies. News releases and photographs are welcome. Please submit information to

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The HeartStrong Foundation is helping two sisters raising money for children in need of hearing aids to reach a fundraising goal of $10,000. Ed Keller, the founder of HeartStrong, donated $5,000 to Carly and Emma Waters on Good Morning America. The nonprofit aims to raise an additional $10,000 and match that amount to donate for a total of $25,000. Carly's little sisters, Emma and Molly, were diagnosed with hearing loss, and she was surprised to learn the cost of hearing aids and that many families have difficulty affording them. She and Emma then started sewing and selling stuffed lemons to raise money for those who need these devices. “I want to help people hear better, and I want people to be happy and proud of their ears” said Emma. “I want to let people know all about hearing aids and how they are awesome!” To make a donation, visit

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Oticon has introduced the Ponto Trial Companion app, which provides an easy way for patients in the trial process to determine whether bone-anchored hearing and the Ponto Sound System are right for them. The app features three default listening situations: conversation in quiet, conversation in noise, and sounds in outdoor environments. Patients can add a fourth situation, including classroom, office meeting, in car, watching TV, and more. Each situation can be ranked from very poor to very good. Patients can then email their rating reports directly to their audiologist after completing a minimum of seven ratings. Patients are encouraged to distribute their ratings across the trial period, which will allow them to experience the Ponto Sound Processor in everyday environments that are important to them and have the information and experience they need to make an informed decision. The Ponto Trial Companion app is available for free to download through the App Store or Google Play.

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William Demant will offer a complete range of hearing aids, accessories, and applications under Philips’ HearLink brand. Users will benefit from connectivity between their hearing aids and the devices they use in their everyday life, such as smartphones and televisions. The design and usability of the Philips HearLink hearing aids cater to the needs of the baby boomer generation. Spencer Ramsey, the senior director of brand licensing at Philips, said this new partnership will not only change the way we see hearing health care but also widen the definition of hearing health care to support healthier lifestyles and active aging. “Combining Demant's world-leading hearing aid technology with Philips’ global brand presence in health care, the cooperation will enrich the hearing health care experience,” he said. The new premium Philips hearing aids are now available in select countries, including the United States.

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ZVOX has released VoiceBud VB20, the world's first hearing aid with dual microphones and a smartphone app for under $300, according to the company. Designed especially for people who have trouble understanding voices in some circumstances, VB20’s dual-microphone system feeds sounds into a sophisticated digital processor that can be programmed to reduce sounds coming from behind the user, and helps the user hear the people he or she is talking to. The accompanying VoiceBud app, which is available for iOS and Android, allows the user to wirelessly control volume and listening mode between four choices: normal, noisy room, automobile, and outdoors. It also lets the user fine-tune the sound through equalization and check battery status. The VB20 hearing aid comes in a housing that is just about an inch long. The device is so small that most people don't notice when someone is wearing it. It is also very comfortable for all-day use, or it can be stored in a slim pouch for use when needed.

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