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Exhibit Guide
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BOOTH 1501

Your time is important. Get back more of it with data-driven processes, demonstrated best practices, and industry experts who can help you increase your practice's effectiveness without adding hours or expenses. We hope to see you at AAA 2019. Come visit Audigy at booth 1501!

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Audioscan is introducing two exciting features that make it easier and faster than ever to give your patients the best possible hearing experience. Learn how you can simplify real ear verification, save time, and get the quality fitting your patients will appreciate.

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Amplivox will provide hands on demonstrations of our most popular devices: Screening and Diagnostic Audiometer models 270, 240, and 170. Plus our Otowave Tympanometer line, featuring hand-held devices (102 and 202) and Otowave 302 desktop Tympanometer. Call us at 888-941-4208 or visit us online for product specifications.

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Join CaptionCall, the Sound of Satisfaction, at booth 901 for the latest “Eddy the Ear madness” including a free Eddy Bobble Ear while supplies last. Pick up some tips for increasing patient satisfaction, and get a sneak peek at what's coming—from new technology to a new way to go green. Come join in the fun!

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TV, the way it's supposed to be. EarTech TV Audio is an intuitive, high-performance system that delivers sound from the TV directly to your ears at your own volume and tone settings. Easy solution for your patient, extra profit for you. Call us at 1-800-327-8547 or visit us online.

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BOOTH 1325

Grason-Stadler (GSI) provides a full line-up of clinical audiometric equipment that is ‘Designed Smart, Built Strong.’ From audiometry to tympanometry, evoked potentials to software, GSI has a solution to fit your needs. Stop by booth 1325 to learn more!

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Send Hearing HealthCare News to increase patient loyalty and satisfaction. Register for a free trial issue. Available in print and electronic form. Audiology HealthCare News acts as a physician contact program to increase their knowledge of audiology so they will refer patients to you as the professional of choice.

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Earn CEUs in booth with Industry Update. Promotions on select devices; Eclipse (PC-based AEP, ASSR, VEMP, & OAE), Titan (ABR, DPOAE, TEOAE), AD629 & AC40 (Hybrid Audiometers), AA222 (Audiometry/Tympanometry), Callisto (PC based audiometer, REM, and HIT), Rotary Chairs (TRV and Orion), plus VisualEyes 515/525. Call us at 800-947-6334 or visit us online.

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BOOTH 1101

MedRx is a leading manufacturer of audiometric testing equipment. The MedRx products are designed to make your diagnostic testing faster and easier. Stop by booth 1101 to see the latest advancements in the MedRx product line and how they can benefit you.

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MAICO is offering $200 off select devices, including: MA 42 Diagnostic, 2 Channel audiometer, Tympanometers, handheld easyTymp, and ALL-TOUCH, touchTymp series in tymp or audio/tymp options. Otoacoustics Emissions, EROSCAN 4, 6, & 12 frequency DPOAE testing. NEW product sneak peaks. Call us at 888-941-4201 or visit us online.

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BOOTH 1012

Oticon Breaks the Rules. Again. Oticon Opn™ created a paradigm shift that opened up a world of sound. Now, Oticon breaks the rules again to deliver speech understanding in noise at the level of people with normal hearing. Also in play–a breakthrough pediatric hearing solution that introduces a whole new way for children to hear sounds. See all at Oticon exhibit booth 1012.

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With over 110 years of history, RAYOVAC knows batteries. Come visit our booth to hear about our innovative hearing aid battery technology. RAYOVAC delivers what you and your patients value most: long lasting power, timely delivery from our Wisconsin facility, and a portfolio of brands to meet your needs.

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ZPower Rechargeable Silver-Zinc Batteries are available for select products from nearly every major hearing aid manufacturer. ZPower batteries provide all-day power and the flexibility to interchange with disposables. Plus, they are safe and recyclable. Visit booth 931 to see hearing aid brands powered by ZPower.

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