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Scripts for front desk staff

Kasewurm, Gyl A. AuD

doi: 10.1097/01.HJ.0000403520.01551.4e
Gyl's Guide to Managing for Success

Gyl A. Kasewurm, AuD, is Founder, President, and Owner of Professional Hearing Services in St. Joseph, MI, which receives more than 16,000 patient visits a year.



First impressions are lasting ones, and the first impression of you and your practice often comes from the person managing the front desk and answering the phone. As I discussed in my July column, First impressions, it's vital for your business to have adequately trained receptionists. An easy way to teach your desk personnel how to communicate with clients is to use a sample script, ensuring that your patients have a pleasant experience when they call or visit your office.

The first script encourages new patients to have a third party accompany them for an evaluation. This should also be used for a current patient coming for a re-evaluation. Use this script when making the initial appointment and as a reminder when the appointment is confirmed.

“In order for us to obtain the most effective test results, it is important to use a familiar voice during our testing process. It is necessary for you to bring a friend or family member with you to the appointment for this purpose. Who will you be bringing with you?”

Scripts can also be used to answer frequently asked questions. When a patient asks how much a hearing aid costs, have your staff use this script.

“The evaluation will determine the type of hearing instruments that will work best for you, so I am unable to give you an exact number, but our instruments start at ________. To determine whether you are a candidate for hearing aids, it's important that you come for an evaluation. Would you prefer a morning or afternoon appointment?”

When a patient asks what brand of hearing aids you handle, use this script:

“We can order hearing aids from every major manufacturer, but we generally stick to a few a leading companies that offer the most advanced and reliable technology. With so many options, it's smart to schedule time for a complete hearing assessment, and rely on the expertise of the hearing professional.”

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