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Now live: the online Hearing Journal Directory

Victorian, Brande

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You may have noticed something missing with your December 2010 issue of HJ—at least I hope you did. This past winter we didn't mail our annual Hearing Health Industry World Directory to our subscribers because we have (finally) brought this resource online at

After 10 years of printing the directory, which serves as a phonebook for the hearing health industry, so to speak, we've upgraded to more of a approach. While the process wasn't easy and is admittedly a bit delayed, the result is a comprehensive site that is simple for users to navigate and that is constantly updated so that the information provided is always current.

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More than 900 companies are listed in the online directory, and the search function makes finding the businesses you need much easier than flipping through hundreds of pages. You can browse by alphabetical listing, by business category—distributor, manufacturer, or repair laboratory—or by product type—audiometers, batteries, hearing aids, and so forth. Product subcategories within each search type allow you to narrow your hunt even more.

Enhanced listings from certain companies also provide a better overview of the products and services they provide via datasheets and other multimedia presentations. If you want to know more about a particular company, simply click the Request More information button, and submit your email address. The company will receive notice of your request and provide follow-up information.



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We've also placed our Coming Up calendar listing of industry events online to make information on important meetings easily accessible. Live links connect you to conference websites and meeting coordinators in just a few clicks, and events are searchable by country, state, or region.

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If, by chance, browsing through providers of bone conduction devices or practice management services happens to spark interest in a particular hearing topic, we've provided links to a few of the most well read and frequently cited articles from The Hearing Journal. These resources will change periodically so new information is always available to help you deliver the best care possible.

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The greatest thing about our new online directory is that the information will be constantly updated, unlike the print version. If someone has left a company, or a business has a new address, listers can log in to the site and change those details instantly. This ensures that the contact information on the site is always accurate.

Another great feature is that event hosts can submit events directly to the website for approval. The running list of meetings and conventions guarantees that HJ will have the most up-to-date and comprehensive online event listing in hearing healthcare. But don't just take my word for it, visit to take advantage of the resource that was created with our readers in mind.

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