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doi: 10.1097/01.HJ.0000399918.74840.50
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Starkey fits 1,000+ Palestinians with hearing devices, launches consumer website

MINNEAPOLIS—The Starkey Hearing Foundation and its Israeli partners fit more than 1,000 Palestinian children and adults with hearing devices as part of the Israel-Palestine Hearing Mission of Peace. The mission was held May 24-26 at the Khaled ben Said school in Tulkarem, Palestine. The goal of the three-day effort was to promote greater communication and understanding among the local communities through improved hearing.

Barry Freeman, PhD, Senior Director of Audiology for Starkey, was among the audiologists from all three countries that worked together to fit each of the recipients who ranged in age from 4 to 75, and hailed from as far south as Hebrong and as far north as Jenin.

“The partnership between the Starkey Hearing Foundation, its Israeli partners, and the Palestinian people made this mission not only a success, but also a collaboration unlike any other I've ever experienced,” said Freeman.

To execute this mission, the Starkey Hearing Foundation partnered with the Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer in Israel, the American Friends of Sheba Medical Center in New York, and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel.

Starkey Laboratories, Inc. also launched the new make live website, designed specifically for people with hearing loss and their loved ones. The website redesign includes:

  • A revitalized homepage showcasing patient testimonials.
  • A new structure for researching Starkey products that allows visitors to search by style or technology.
  • An interactive hearing aid finder tool that calculates which product and style is right for a patient based on lifestyle and social needs.
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Cemia hearing instrument now available from Hansaton

MINNEAPOLIS—Hansaton USA has announced the availability of its new Cemia hearing instrument technology in four designs including an ITE system, X-Mini, Mini, or Slim. Cemia incorporates multi-microphone technology, Hansaton's Active Feedback Block 2G, and intelligent signal processing.

The Cemia in-the-ear system is available for mild to severe hearing loss in the CIC, Mini-Canal, Canal, and Concha designs, while a wide range of hearing loss can be covered by the X-Mini, with an external receiver available in three power classes (45/55/65 dB). Cemia Mini is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss and hides technology that is connected to the ear canal via a transparent tube or the optional standard earhook and earmold. The Slim model features a programmable rocker switch that can be used as a volume control or program button, and can also be used with an earmold (or optional mini tube) for mild to severe hearing loss.

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GSI introduces CE-Chirp and Octave Band stimuli

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN—Grason-Stadler has introduced the CE-Chirp and CE-Chirp Octave Band stimuli for the GSI Audera Evoked Potential (AEP) Unit. The patented CE-Chirp is intended to maximize Auditory Evoked Potential amplitudes resulting in waveforms that are as much as two times the size of waveforms typically achieved with a standard click stimulus.



The CE-Chirp stimulus is formulated to address the inherent time delay of the cochlea's traveling wave characteristics. The frequencies of the CE-Chirp stimulus are adjusted so that the low and high frequencies reach their respective areas of the basilar membrane in the cochlea nearly simultaneously. This stimulus presentation maximizes the synchronous neural response, increasing the overall amplitude of the AEP waveform structure.

The CE-Chirp Octave Band stimulus is a derivative of the CE-Chirp and elicits AEP waveforms that may be used for the evaluation of frequency-specific information of the cochlea. CE-Chirp Octave Bands are available at 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 Hz.

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New website from Oaktree Products

ST. LOUIS—Oaktree Products, Inc., a multi-line distributor of audiology and hearing aid supplies, has launched a new website designed to make it easier for audiologists, hearing instrument dispensers, and other professional partners to conduct business.

Users are now able to browse the Oaktree Products online catalog without pricing information, allowing hearing healthcare professionals to use the website as a patient counseling tool, showing potential product options to patients. Many items are also accompanied by downloadable PDF sell sheets to assist in communicating features and product benefits.

Audiologists and hearing instrument dispensers with established Oaktree Products accounts may log into the website to shop for products via a newly improved search function. Clinicians also have the option of forgoing the traditional shopping cart and using the “fast-lane” feature in which items and corresponding quantities are electronically entered at once, eliminating the need for browsing. Professionals may also access the Oaktree Outlet Store to shop for specially selected, discontinued, overstocked, or slightly damaged products available at discount prices. The new site is available at

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Gerald Wroblewski appointed COO of Otonomy

SAN DIEGO—Gerald Wroblewski has been appointed Chief Operations Officer of Otonomy, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company specializing in therapeutics for diseases and disorders of the inner ear.

Wroblewski brings operational expertise in manufacturing, product supply chain management, packaging, and quality assurance, and will be responsible for overseeing activities in these areas to support the advancement of Otonomy's product candidates through clinical development and into commercialization. The company recently announced plans to initiate a Phase 2 study for its lead drug candidate, OTO-104, in patients with Ménière's disease and is also expected to begin clinical trials of a second product candidate, OTO-201, by the end of 2011.

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Just Bekuz adds Micro Seal to their product line

Just Bekuz Products has introduced Micro, the smallest seal in its product line, joining their Mini, Standard, and Large Super Seals.

Like the original Super Seals, Micro will guard BTE hearing aids against moisture, dirt, and other pollutants, and will accommodate smaller size instruments from a number of manufacturers.



Starter Kits come with 12 Super Seals and a three pronged tool used to apply them. Currently, the Micro is only available in beige and neutral. Other Super Seals are available in beige, neutral, and several other colors.



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