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Kalin, George MS

doi: 10.1097/01.HJ.0000324228.91482.7f
Letters to the Editor

Clinical Audiologist Hagerstown, MD

Dr. Doerfler died in July 2004 and his obituary appeared in the September issue of HJ.

    I want to offer some recollections of Leo Doerfler. In 1975, I took a rep job with Unitron Hearing Aids and moved my family to Pittsburgh, which was central in my territory. Naturally, I visited Leo at Pittsburgh Eye and Ear. My first scheduled visit saw me an hour late because of the traffic. Leo just laughed, well understanding the difficulties of navigating Pittsburgh streets.

    We were friends from then on and discussed private practice at length. I chose Hagerstown, MD, and he journeyed to Greensburg, PA. We stayed friends for many years and discussed our lives and beginnings in New York City—his in Brooklyn and mine in Queens.

    One bit of information about Leo I wish to share with all is his role as a young man in the 1930s in New York, when Jews from Europe were trying to escape the Nazi tide by coming to America. As we all know, they were not well received. Leo recalled to me pulling Jews out of the East River off Brooklyn and hiding them from our authorities. He gave these people a chance at life. What a noble man!

    When I visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington, I always think of Leo. He was not just a bystander. He risked his own safety to save others. Well done, Leo.

    George Kalin, MS

    Clinical Audiologist Hagerstown, MD

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