July 2002 - Volume 55 - Issue 7
pp: 4-60

Normal aided functioning: Pipe dream or possibility?

Lindley, George

The Hearing Journal. 55(7):10-20, July 2002.

The ability to provide patients with normal hearing function through amplification has long been a dream of hearing professionals. As Page Ten demonstrates, advances in technology and clinical knowledge are bringing that dream closer to reality for many persons with mild-tomoderate hearing loss.

Some hearing professionals find it's better to unite than to fight with other disciplines

Bloom, Sara

The Hearing Journal. 55(7):25-32, July 2002.

Although relations among the various organizations of professionals involved in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing/communication disorders have often been contentious, the picture is often different on the individual level. As this cover story shows, many practices are benefiting from combining the knowledge and skills of colleagues from multiple disciplines.

Excellent customer service: Don't try to practice without it!

Hall, Renee

The Hearing Journal. 55(7):34-36, July 2002.

In the hearing care field, customer service is more important than ever. Some guidance for practitioners on optimizing their service.