January 2001 - Volume 54 - Issue 1
pp: 4-82

Probe-mic assessment of digital hearing aids? Yes, you can!

Mueller, H. Gustav

The Hearing Journal. 54(1):10,12,14,17, January 2001.

Dispelling the myth that DSP hearing aids are not conducive to real-ear measurements, the Journal's contributing editor explains why probe-mic testing is especially important with digital instruments.

With scant 3% annual gain in sales, hearing aid market remains in the doldrums

Kirkwood, David H.

The Hearing Journal. 54(1):21-32, January 2001.

For a third straight year, despite favorable conditions, hearing aid sales increased by very little in 2000. An analysis of the market, plus suggestions from industry leaders on what might lead to growth in 2001 and beyond.

Stethoscopes: Real-ear measurements and digital frequency transposition

Dolan, Thomas G.; Oliver, Sara R.; Maurer, James F.

The Hearing Journal. 54(1):36-44, January 2001.

A study using real-ear measurement finds that hearing-impaired physicians and other medical personnel using currently available stethoscopes may miss some important low-frequency heart sounds. The authors suggest the possible benefit of a stethoscope that transforms heart sounds to higher frequencies.

Audiovisual-FM system is found more beneficial in classroom than auditory-only

Gagné, Jean-Pierre

The Hearing Journal. 54(1):48-51, January 2001.

A new FM system is described that transmits not only the voice but also the image of the teacher to a hearing-impaired child's module.