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The remote-controlled, motorized, intramedullary lengthening nail is a disruptive technology that has fundamentally changed the approach to limb lengthening and reconstruction surgery globally.This amazing tool for bone lengthening without an external fixator has  created excitement among surgeons from separate sub specialties and diverse nationalities. Both pediatric and adult patients share common pathologies that require bone lengthening and deformity correction including congenital and post-traumatic deformity and leg length discrepancy (LLD).

In this edition of Techniques in Orthopedics, dedicated to internal limb lengthening, we have gathered an international panel of experts to discuss specialized applications of this most recent evolution of the Ilizarov method. - Dr. Robert Rozbruch, Guest Editor

The "Tips & Pearls Section" is intended to be a forum devoted to the sharing of new developments, ideas, designs, homemade devices, and "tricks" for easier orthopaedic surgery.

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