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Ritland G David M.D.
Techniques in Orthopaedics: December 1997
Intramedullary Nailing, Special Techniques, Part I: Tips and Pearls: PDF Only


Management of femur fractures by closed intramedullary rodding is the standard of care. Rapid and accurate placement of the guide wire in the center of the medullary canal has remained a problem. The Femur Finder is designed to position the guide wire, under image intensifier control, directly in the piriformis fossa. This device is made of a curved, pointed stainless steel tube with a guide rod welded on the side to aid in alignment. It requires only a small incision in the skin proximal to the greater trochanter. Once the point of the device is in place against the piriformis fossa, the guide wire is drilled into the femur. There are instructions in method of drawing guide lines on the thigh to locate the entry incision. The device can not be used to manipulate the fracture fragments. A case study is presented demonstrating the small incision and short time to place the guide wires.

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