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Panchbhavi, Vinod K., MD, FACS

Techniques in Foot & Ankle Surgery: December 2018 - Volume 17 - Issue 4 - p 161
doi: 10.1097/BTF.0000000000000221

The author declares no conflict of interest.

In any production, there are folks who are doing a great deal of work away from the limelight. Techniques in Foot and Ankle Surgery is no exception. As we draw the year to a close, I want to acknowledge the efforts of those who make things happen for the journal. The international readership and contributions from authors around the globe help us continue the mission to provide information on the latest orthopedic procedures. The efforts of the Editorial Board and the Reviewers ensure that we are consistently improving the quality of work, and we see the fruits of their labor in this journal. The publishing and production staff and copy editors put in a lot of effort to make certain that things are running smoothly behind the scenes.

We have been very fortunate to have had an extremely dedicated Managing Editor, Emily Hurd, and, after several years, she has moved into a different role. I want to specifically acknowledge her contributions over the many years and thank her for the support she has provided. I would also ask you all to join me in welcoming our new Managing Editor, Naima D. Stone, who I am confident will continue to take this journal to greater heights.

We are grateful, to Dr Turner Vosseller, guest editor for this issue, which deals with Ankle Fracture Management. I am confident that each reader will benefit from the commitment and dedication, of all those involved who make each issue happen, including those working behind the scenes.

Vinod K. Panchbhavi, MD, FACS

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