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January 2020 - Volume 47 - Issue 1
pp: 1-69,e1-e7

Sexually Transmitted Infections in Pregnancy and Reproductive Health: Proceedings of the STAR Sexually Transmitted Infection Clinical Trial Group Programmatic Meeting

Wynn, Adriane; Bristow, Claire C.; Cristillo, Anthony D.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 47(1):5-11, January 2020.

Single and Repeated Use of the Emergency Department for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Care

Bergquist, Eleanor Peters; Trolard, Anne; Zhao, Yueming; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 47(1):14-18, January 2020.

Safety and Effectiveness of Same-Day Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae Screening and Treatment Among Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Homeless Youth in Los Angeles, California, and New Orleans, Louisiana

Keizur, Erin M.; Goldbeck, Cameron; Vavala, Gabriella; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 47(1):19-23, January 2020.

Could Intensive Screening for Gonorrhea/Chlamydia in Preexposure Prophylaxis Cohorts Select for Resistance? Historical Lessons From a Mass Treatment Campaign in Greenland

Kenyon, Chris; Laumen, Jolein; Van Dijck, Christophe

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 47(1):24-27, January 2020.

First Responses to the Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Infections and Treatment-Seeking Behavior Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in 13 Cities in China

Li, Jing; Yue, Xiaoli; Wang, Yajie; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 47(1):28-33, January 2020.

Two Distinct Gonorrhea Trends and Risk Factors Among Women in Australia

Whitford, Kate; Callander, Denton; Smith, Lucy Watchirs; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 47(1):34-40, January 2020.

Acceptability of Using Geosocial Networking Applications for HIV/Sexually Transmitted Disease Partner Notification and Sexual Health Services

Contesse, Marielle Goyette; Fredericksen, Rob J.; Wohlfeiler, Dan; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 47(1):41-47, January 2020.

Recent Penile Sexual Contact Is Associated With an Increased Odds of High-Risk Cervical Human Papillomavirus Infection in Transgender Men

Deutsch, Madeline B.; Reisner, Sari L.; Peitzmeier, Sarah; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 47(1):48-53, January 2020.

Cascade of Provider-Initiated Human Immunodeficiency Virus Testing and Counselling at Specific Life Events (Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Marriage) in Côte d'Ivoire

Inghels, Maxime; Kouassi, Arsène Kra; Niangoran, Serge; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 47(1):54-61, January 2020.

Health Care Access and Service Use Among Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Respondents Engaging in High-Risk Sexual Behaviors, 2016

Cuffe, Kendra Michelle; Coor, Alexandra; Hogben, Matthew; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 47(1):62-66, January 2020.

Patients Are Willing to Wait for Rapid Sexually Transmitted Infection Results in a University Student Health Clinic

Gettinger, Jesse; Van Wagoner, Nicholas; Daniels, Brice; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 47(1):67-69, January 2020.

Repeat Episodes of Symptomatic Urethritis Due to a Uropathogenic Meningococcal Clade

Bazan, Jose A.; Tzeng, Yih-Ling; Stephens, David S.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 47(1):e1-e4, January 2020.

A Co-Located Continuity Clinic Model to Address Healthcare Needs of Women Living Unhoused With Opioid Use Disorder, Who Engage in Transactional Sex in North Seattle

Stewart, Jenell; Stadeli, Kathryn M.; Green, Margaret L.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 47(1):e5-e7, January 2020.