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November 2012 - Volume 39 - Issue 11
pp: 831-910

Trends in Sexual Behavior, Testing, and Knowledge in Young People; 2006–2011

Lim, Megan S. C.; Bowring, Anna L.; Gold, Judy; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 39(11):831-834, November 2012.

Predictors of Undiagnosed Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 Seropositivity Among Persons Attending an HIV Care Clinic

Van Wagoner, Nicholas J.; Brown, Elizabeth; Whitley, Richard; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 39(11):857-859, November 2012.

HIV Prevalence Varies Between Female Sex Workers From Different Types of Venues in Southern China

Chen, Xiang-Sheng; Liang, Guo-Jun; Wang, Qian-Qiu; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 39(11):868-870, November 2012.

HIV Incidence and Associated Risk Factors Among Female Sex Workers in a High HIV-Prevalence Area of China

Wang, Haibo; Reilly, Kathleen H.; Brown, Katherine; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 39(11):835-841, November 2012.

A Randomized Trial of Home Versus Clinic-Based Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening Among Men

Reagan, Mary M.; Xu, Hanna; Shih, Shirley L.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 39(11):842-847, November 2012.

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Oncogenic Human Papillomavirus Infections in High-Risk Mid-Adult Women

Winer, Rachel L.; Hughes, James P.; Feng, Qinghua; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 39(11):848-856, November 2012.

Rates and Determinants of Oral Human Papillomavirus Infection in Young Men

Edelstein, Zoe R.; Schwartz, Stephen M.; Hawes, Stephen; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 39(11):860-867, November 2012.

Patterns of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing Among Men Who Have Sex With Men Couples in the United States

Mitchell, Jason W.; Petroll, Andrew E.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 39(11):871-876, November 2012.

Prevalence and Associations of Genital Ulcer and Urethral Pathogens in Men Presenting With Genital Ulcer Syndrome to Primary Health Care Clinics in South Africa

Lewis, David A.; Müller, Etienne; Steele, Lisa; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 39(11):880-885, November 2012.

Efficacy of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Prevention Interventions Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in China: A Meta-Analysis

Zheng, Lijun; Zheng, Yong

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 39(11):886-893, November 2012.

Oral Human Papillomavirus and Human Herpesvirus-8 Infections Among Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1–Infected Men and Women in Italy

Del Mistro, Annarosa; Baboci, Lorena; Frayle-Salamanca, Helena; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 39(11):894-898, November 2012.

Prevalence and Correlates of Genital Warts in Kenyan Female Sex Workers

Kavanaugh, Barbara E.; Odem-Davis, Katherine; Jaoko, Walter; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 39(11):902-905, November 2012.

Genital Ulcer Disease in India: Etiologies and Performance of Current Syndrome Guidelines

Prabhakar, Parimi; Narayanan, Prakash; Deshpande, Gururaj Rao; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 39(11):906-910, November 2012.

Emergence of Increased Azithromycin Resistance During Unsuccessful Treatment of Neisseria gonorrhoeae Infection With Azithromycin (Portland, OR, 2011)

Soge, Olusegun O.; Harger, Doug; Schafer, Sean; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 39(11):877-879, November 2012.