December 2008 - Volume 35 - Issue 12
pp: 967-1024

HIV Postexposure Prophylaxis Use Among Ontario Female Adolescent Sexual Assault Victims: A Prospective Analysis

Du Mont, Janice; Myhr, Terri L.; Husson, Heather; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 35(12):973-978, December 2008.

Bacterial Vaginosis Among Pregnant Women in Burkina Faso

Kirakoya-Samadoulougou, Fati; Nagot, Nicolas; Defer, Marie-Christine; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 35(12):985-989, December 2008.

Demographic and Behavioral Characteristics of Male Sexually Transmitted Disease Patients in Japan: A Nationwide Case-Control Study

Homma, Takayuki; Ono-Kihara, Masako; Zamani, Saman; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 35(12):990-996, December 2008.

Comparison of Penile Skin Swab with Intra-Urethral Swab and First Void Urine for Polymerase Chain Reaction-Based Diagnosis of Chlamydia trachomatis Urethritis in Male Patients

Pittaras, Theodore E.; Papaparaskevas, Joseph; Houhoula, Dimitra P.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 35(12):999-1001, December 2008.

Changes in Sexual Risk Behavior Among Participants in a PrEP HIV Prevention Trial

Guest, Greg; Shattuck, Dominick; Johnson, Laura; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 35(12):1002-1008, December 2008.

Healthcare Seeking and Sexual Behavior Among Patients with Symptomatic Newly Acquired Genital Herpes

Richards, Julie; Krantz, Elizabeth; Selke, Stacy; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 35(12):1015-1021, December 2008.