Articles by Lee Warner

The Program Cost of a Brief Video Intervention Shown in Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic Waiting Rooms

Gift, Thomas L.; O'Donnell, Lydia N.; Rietmeijer, Cornelis A.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 43(1):61-64, January 2016.

Consistency of Condom Use During Receptive Anal Intercourse Among Women and Men Who Have Sex With Men: Findings From the Safe in the City Behavioral Study

D'Anna, Laura Hoyt; Warner, Lee; Margolis, Andrew D.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 42(7):393-399, July 2015.

Differences in Misreporting of Sexual Behavior Over Time: Implications for HIV Trials

Gallo, Maria F.; Warner, Lee; Hobbs, Marcia M.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 42(3):160-161, March 2015.

Biological Markers of Sexual Activity: Tools for Improving Measurement in HIV/Sexually Transmitted Infection Prevention Research

Gallo, Maria F.; Steiner, Markus J.; Hobbs, Marcia M.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 40(6):447-452, June 2013.

Randomized Controlled Trial on the Effectiveness of Counseling Messages for Avoiding Unprotected Sexual Intercourse During Sexually Transmitted Infection and Reproductive Tract Infection Treatment Among Female Sexually Transmitted Infection Clinic Patients

Anderson, Clive; Gallo, Maria F.; Hylton-Kong, Tina; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 40(2):105-110, February 2013.

Condom Use Among US Adults at Last Sexual Intercourse, 1996–2008: An Update From National Survey Data

Anderson, John E.; Warner, Lee; Macaluso, Maurizio

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 38(10):919-921, October 2011.

Assessing Male Condom Failure and Incorrect Use

Duerr, Ann; Gallo, Maria F.; Warner, Lee; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 38(7):580-586, July 2011.

Good Performance of Rapid Prostate-Specific Antigen Test for Detection of Semen Exposure in Women: Implications for Qualitative Research

Hobbs, Marcia M.; Steiner, Markus J.; Rich, Kimberly D.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 36(8):501-506, August 2009.

A Systematic Review of Epidemiologic Studies Assessing Condom Use and Risk of Syphilis

Koss, Catherine A.; Dunne, Eileen F.; Warner, Lee

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 36(7):401-405, July 2009.

Risk Factors for Incident Herpes Simplex Type 2 Virus Infection Among Women Attending a Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic


Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 35(7):679-685, July 2008.

Self-Reported Condom Use Is Associated With Reduced Risk of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Trichomoniasis

Gallo, Maria F.; Steiner, Markus J.; Warner, Lee; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 34(10):829-833, October 2007.

Predicting Subsequent Infection in Patients Attending Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinics

Newman, Lori M.; Warner, Lee; Weinstock, Hillard S.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 33(12):737-742, December 2006.

Condom Use and Risk of Gonorrhea and Chlamydia: A Systematic Review of Design and Measurement Factors Assessed in Epidemiologic Studies

Warner, Lee; Stone, Katherine M.; Macaluso, Maurizio; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 33(1):36-51, January 2006.