July 2013 - Volume 40 - Issue 7
pp: 521-606

Prevalence of Circumcision Among Men and Boys Aged 14 to 59 Years in the United States, National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys 2005–2010

Introcaso, Camille E.; Xu, Fujie; Kilmarx, Peter H.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 40(7):521-525, July 2013.

Evaluating the Internet as a Sexually Transmitted Disease Risk Environment for Teens: Findings From the Communication, Health, and Teens Study

Buhi, Eric R.; Klinkenberger, Natalie; McFarlane, Mary; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 40(7):528-533, July 2013.

Incidence of Genital Warts in Adolescents and Young Adults in an Integrated Health Care Delivery System in the United States Before Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Recommendations

Camenga, Deepa R.; Dunne, Eileen F.; Desai, Mayur M.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 40(7):534-538, July 2013.

Retreatment Rates for Uncomplicated Gonorrhea Infection: Comparing Ceftriaxone and Azithromycin Versus Ceftriaxone and Doxycycline

Schumacher, Christina M.; Ghanem, Khalil G.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 40(7):539-545, July 2013.

Sexually Transmitted Infection Prevalence in a Population Seeking No-Cost Contraception

McNicholas, Colleen; Peipert, Jeffrey F.; Maddipati, Ragini; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 40(7):546-551, July 2013.

Financial Implications of Male Circumcision Scale-Up for the Prevention of HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections in a Sub-Saharan African Community

Kacker, Seema; Frick, Kevin D.; Quinn, Thomas C.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 40(7):559-568, July 2013.

In Peru, Reporting Male Sex Partners Imparts Significant Risk of Incident HIV/Sexually Transmitted Infection: All Men Engaging in Same-Sex Behavior Need Prevention Services

Konda, Kelika A.; Lescano, Andres G.; Celentano, David D.; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 40(7):569-574, July 2013.

Socioeconomic Disparities in Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Young Adults in the United States: Examining the Interaction Between Income and Race/Ethnicity

Harling, Guy; Subramanian, SV; Bärnighausen, Till; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 40(7):575-581, July 2013.

High-Risk Human Papillomavirus Messenger RNA Testing in Physician- and Self-Collected Specimens for Cervical Lesion Detection in High-Risk Women, Kenya

Ting, Jie; Mugo, Nelly; Kwatampora, Jessie; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 40(7):584-589, July 2013.

Prevalence and Type Distribution of Human Papillomavirus Among 1813 Men in Tanzania and the Relationship to HIV Status

Olesen, Tina Bech; Iftner, Thomas; Mwaiselage, Julius; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 40(7):592-598, July 2013.

Human Papillomavirus Seropositivity and Subsequent Risk of HIV Acquisition in Rural South African Women

Tanser, Frank; Jones, Kyle G.; Viljoen, Johannes; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 40(7):601-606, July 2013.

Feasibility and Acceptability of a Novel Cervicovaginal Lavage Self-Sampling Device Among Women in Kigali, Rwanda

Ndayisaba, Gilles; Verwijs, Marijn Christiaan; van Eeckhoudt, Servaas; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 40(7):552-555, July 2013.

Neisseria gonorrhoeae Outbreak: Unintended Consequences of Electronic Medical Records and Using an Out-of-State Laboratory—California, July 2009–February 2010

Murray, Erin L.; Samuel, Michael C.; Brodsky, Jennifer; More

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 40(7):556-558, July 2013.