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Schachter, Julius PhD, Editor

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: October 2010 - Volume 37 - Issue 10 - p 593
doi: 10.1097/OLQ.0b013e3181f6911f

Conflicts of interest, real or apparent, may play a role in how a reader perceives an article, and the reader should be made aware of such conflicts. It is to provide the reader with all the information needed to assess the article that the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors has proposed a standardized form to allow authors to disclose potential conflicts of interest. The form, designed for electronic completion and submission will be required by many journals in the biomedical field. Sexually Transmitted Diseases will be among them. Beginning in January of 2011 all authors must fill out and submit this four part form with their manuscripts. Each published article will contain a footnote noting whether there is any conflict, or not.

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