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A Solution for Publication Lag … Sort of

Schachter, Julius Phd, Editor

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: January 2006 - Volume 33 - Issue 1 - p 1
doi: 10.1097/01.olq.0000195357.54051.3e

As the pace of sexually transmitted disease (STD) scientific research increases, the need for timely publication of articles becomes ever more pressing. Sexually Transmitted Diseases has accumulated a backlog of articles awaiting publication. In the past, we periodically published extra issues to catch up. However, with increasing submissions, the backlog builds up. Currently, the length of time from final acceptance to print publication is 7 months. To expedite the release of these articles, we will begin electronic publication at as soon as they are in final form rather than waiting for the print edition. We will have a special section for these papers in a link titled Publish Ahead of Print (PAP). Members of ASTDA and subscribers to STD will have access to these PAP articles. The PAP version of the article will appear exactly as it will be published in the printed journal edition and PDFs will be available for download. The PAP version will be complete in every respect except that instead of having a volume/issue/page number, it will have a PAP citation. The citation will be listed in PubMed. This means that the article can be referenced as soon as it appears on the web site by using the PAP citation.

In the next few months, all articles awaiting publication in Sexually Transmitted Diseases will be published online before print. These articles will be copy-edited, typeset, and corrected by authors before posting. Articles will be uploaded to the PAP site weekly (approximately 3 weeks after receiving author corrections). Authors will be notified by e-mail when their proofs will be ready, when their article will be published online, and when their article will be published in print. On print publication, articles will be removed from the PAP web site and linkage by PubMed will be updated accordingly. We thank our publisher, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, for providing what we think will be a useful and important service.

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