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Sexually Transmitted Diseases: November 2002 - Volume 29 - Issue 11 - p 623

President of the ASTDA

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Journal Changes

Readers will notice that some minor changes have been made in the journal's format. Our journal, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), has been quite successful and one of the happy burdens of that has been an increase in the number of manuscripts submitted. After appropriate peer review we had increased numbers of accepted manuscripts. Given that we contract for a fixed number of pages to be published each year, that increasing number of submissions translated into a backlog of unpublished papers that was longer than 9 months. One of the ways we have chosen to deal with this is to make minor changes in font size and page layout. This places more text into the same number of pages, and will allow us to publish more papers per issue.

In addition, in an effort to reduce the backlog, the ASTDA Executive Board has approved the purchase (publication) of approximately 300 more pages. Thus several issues will have many more pages than usual. This should allow us a more acceptable time to publication of 4–6 months.

We will also be encouraging the submission of shorter manuscripts. Thus, there will be an area in the journal set aside for publication of Notes and Letters to the Editors (500 word limits), and Concise Communications (1,500 word limit). The editorial board, in their reviews, will also be noting opportunities to shorten manuscripts.

Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo, at the University of Washington, has chaired a committee to oversee the development of our ASTDA Web site, It will be going on-line in the near future and will provide society information as well as links to a variety of other STD-related sites. There will be a link to STD, which will also begin publishing on-line. Subscribers will have immediate access to on-line issues of the journal. Others will have access to issues that are older than one year. Having the journal on-line will provide opportunities for authors and provide more complete information to the readers of our journal; for example, complicated appendices, detailed questionnaires, etc., may now be added to the Web site even if they are not published in the text edition of the journal.


President of the ASTDA

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