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Maffulli, Nicola MD, MS, Phd, FRCS (Orth)

Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Review: June 2009 - Volume 17 - Issue 2 - p 81
doi: 10.1097/JSA.0b013e3181a6a4cf
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The foot and ankle is the new frontier. We are well acquainted with the problems in the knee and shoulder of athletes, and it seems that injuries in these areas are well documented and cared for. Also, more level I evidence is available for injuries in these areas, though at times even randomized controlled trials cannot point to a definite direction.

Over the last few years, though, it has become progressively evident that foot and ankle problems are just as troublesome and produce as much morbidity as in other areas. Relatively few surgeons specialize in sports-related foot and ankle problems; hopefully this issue will whet your appetite. We have had the opportunity to assemble a writing team of experts from the Old and the New World, all accomplished clinicians and scientists, to inform us of the appropriate way to examine, image, manage, and rehabilitate these injuries. This issue, the first of 2 dedicated to the foot and ankle, focuses on examination, tendon problems, osteochondral injuries, and ankle instability. There can be doubts and controversies, but our hope is that, after reading the issue, at least some of these issues will be resolved. Enjoy!

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