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Correlation of Risser Sign, Skeletal Age of Hand and Wrist with the Histological Grade of Iliac Crest Apophysis in Girls with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: E‐Poster #54

Yong, Qiu MD (Nanjing University Medical School); Wei‐jun, Wang William PhD; Cai‐wei, Xia MD; Feng, Zhu MD; Ze‐zhang, Zhu MD; Bing, Wang MD; Shou‐feng, Wang MD; Hiu‐yan, Yeung Benson MD; Kwong‐man, Lee Simon MD; Cheng, Jack Chun‐yiu

Spine Journal Meeting Abstracts: September 2009 - Volume 10 - Issue - p 192
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Introduction: The evaluation of the remaining growth in the patients with AIS is highly significant in predicting the curve progression and thus influencing the treatment strategy in AIS. The present study aimed to investigate the value of the skeletal age of hand and wrist, digital skeletal age (DSA) and Risser sign in maturity assessment in the girls with AIS by associating with the HG of iliac crest apophysis.

Methods: 53 AIS girls with a mean age of 14.0yrs undergoing spinal instrumentation with autogenous bone graft were recruited. Year since menarche (YSM) was recorded while the skeletal age of hand and wrist, DSA and Risser grade were evaluated radiologically. Using a standardized histological grade of proliferative chondrocyte zone of the iliac crest apophysis, correlation between the HGs and the radiological and clinical skeletal maturity parameters was analyzed.

Results: The HGs were negatively correlated with the radiological skeletal ages with the highest correlation coefficient between HGs and skeletal age of hand and wrist. The negative correlations between HGs and the chronological age, YSM were significant and could be enhanced by combining with the skeletal age of hand and wrist or DSA. No proliferative chondrocyte zone of the apophysis was detected when patients were either over 16yrs old or Risser grade 5, and 2yrs post‐menarche or over 15yrs old in patients with DSA Stage III and Risser grade 4.

Conclusion: Radiological skeletal age of the wrist and digits can provide important information for maturity assessment in girls with AIS. It can also enhance the sensitivity of chronology age and YSM in determining the remaining growth potential.

Significance: Skeletal age of the wrist and digits are recommended to enhance the accuracy of maturity assessment in girls with AIS.

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