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00152232-201010001-00028MiscellaneousSpine: Affiliated Society Meeting AbstractsSpine: Affiliated Society Meeting Abstracts© 2010 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc.October 2010 p 28SWISS SPINE - NATIONAL MANDATORY REGISTRY FOR LUMBAR TOTAL DISC ARTHROPLASTY: CLINICAL RESULTS OF 593 PATIENTS AND 679 IMPLANTS28.ORAL PRESENTATIONSAghayev, E1; Zweig, T1; Moulin, P2; Aebi, M1; Röder, C11 Institute for Evaluative Research in Medicine, University of Bern, Switzerland2 Swiss Paraplegic Center, Nottwil, SwitzerlandINTRODUCTION: The Swiss Ministry of Health has mandated a national registry for lumbar Disc Replacement (TDR). We report on an average of 14-months results.METHODS: In a prospective observational multicenter mode 593 patients (679 implants) were documented. Data collection was performed with EQ-5D, NASS (patient preop, postop) and comorbidity (patient preop) as well as OP- and FU-forms (surgeons). Descriptive statistics and multivariate logistic regressions were performed for a pain relief of >=18 points and EQ-5D score improvement of >=0.25.RESULTS: A significant reduction of back (VAS 70-27) and leg pain (VAS 54-19) preoperative to 2-years FU was documented (p<0.001). Quality of life (QoL) improved from 0.33 to 0.79 (p<0.001). At the latest follow-up, the amount of patients that needed pain medication decreased to 34.2% (preop 97.5%). The rates of intraoperative complications for mono- and bisegmental interventions were 4.5% and 5.8% and for postoperative complications 10.9% and 12.8%, respectively. The revision rates were 3.6% and 1.3%.Preoperative back pain (p<0.001; OR=1.6), preoperative EQ-score (p=0.036; OR=2.4) and number of segments (p=0.036; 2 vs. 1 OR=2.2) had an influence on the postoperative back pain relief. Preoperative leg pain (p<0.001; OR=1.8), preoperative EQ-score (p<0.001; OR=4.9) and number of segments (p=0.036; OR=2.2) had an influence on the postoperative leg pain relief. The preoperative EQ-5D score (p<0.001; OR=0.01) and preoperative leg pain (p=0.028; OR=0.9) had a significant influence on postoperative QoL improvement. Odds ratios were calculated per preoperative unit of 10 VAS-points and 1 EQ-5D point.DISCUSSION: In the short term lumbar TDR appears as a relatively safe and also effective procedure concerning pain reduction and improvement of QoL. Preoperative pain and QoL values significantly influence their own outcome. A two level procedure has a more than two times higher likelihood for a minimum clinically relevant back and leg pain relief than a one level procedure.<strong xmlns:mrws="">SWISS SPINE - NATIONAL MANDATORY REGISTRY FOR LUMBAR TOTAL DISC ARTHROPLASTY: CLINICAL RESULTS OF 593 PATIENTS AND 679 IMPLANTS</strong>: <strong xmlns:mrws="">28.</strong>Aghayev E; Zweig, T; Moulin, P; Aebi, M; Röder, CORAL PRESENTATIONSORAL PRESENTATIONSp 28