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00152232-200911001-00023AbstractSpine: Affiliated Society Meeting AbstractsSpine: Affiliated Society Meeting Abstracts© 2009 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc.November 2009 p PSYCHOSOCIAL, MECHANICAL, AND METABOLIC FACTORS IN ADOLESCENTS’ WIDESPREAD MUSCULOSKELETAL PAIN2009 Abstract SubmissionPaananen, Markusa,b; Auvinen, Juhaa,b; Tammelin, Tuijaa; Taimela, Simoc; Kantomaa, Marko T.d; Ebeling, Hannaf; Taanila, Anjae,f; Zitting, Paavob,d; Karppinen, Jaroa,ba Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Oulu,b Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Oulu,c Department of Public Health, University of Helsinki,d Institute of Health Sciences, University of Oulu, Finland,e Unit of General Practice, University Hospital of Oulu,f Clinic of Child Psychiatry, University and University Hospital of Oulu, FinlandSubmitted Mon, 27 Oct 2008 08:25:23 -0400Presenter's Name Markus PaananenAuthor for Correspondence Markus PaananenAuthor's Address Kurkelantie 11 E 32Oulu, 90230 FinlandAuthor's Phone +358504905348Author's FaxAuthor's [email protected] Type OriginalPermission to Publish NoPresentation Type Paper_or_PosterCategory 5. Health Economics/EpidemiologyIntroductionAdolescents often experience musculoskeletal pains at two or more body locations. Previous studies have mainly focused on localized pains, while the determinants of reporting multiple musculoskeletal pains in adolescents are not clear. The present study was set to evaluate the role of psychosocial, mechanical, and metabolic factors in adolescents’ widespread musculoskeletal pain.MethodsThe study population consisted of the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1986, 15-16-year old adolescents (n=6986), who responded to a mailed questionnaire in 2001. Associations of emotional and behavioral problems (Youth Self-Report score), physical activity, amount of sitting, sleeping time, overweight and smoking with widespread musculoskeletal pain was assessed using multinomial logistic regression and adjusted for parents’ education.ResultsMultiple pains were common, 40% of girls and 23% of boys reported pain at least at three locations during the past 6 months. Pain at three or four locations associated independently with anxious/depressed and withdrawn/depressed symptoms, somatic complaints, rule-breaking and aggressive behavior, and social, thought and attention problems, but also with high amount of sitting, high level of physical activity, short sleep and smoking both in girls and boys. In addition, pain at three or four locations associated with high BMI in girls.DiscussionMultiple musculoskeletal pains associated strongly with psychosocial complaints, but also with mechanical and metabolic factors. In conclusion, reporting widespread pain in adolescence may have both peripheral (trauma, decreased regenerative ability) and central (pain experience) origin.<strong xmlns:mrws="">PSYCHOSOCIAL, MECHANICAL, AND METABOLIC FACTORS IN ADOLESCENTS’ WIDESPREAD MUSCULOSKELETAL PAIN</strong>Paananen Markus; Auvinen, Juha; Tammelin, Tuija; Taimela, Simo; Kantomaa, Marko T.; Ebeling, Hanna; Taanila, Anja; Zitting, Paavo; Karppinen, Jaro2009 Abstract Submission2009 Abstract Submission