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September 15, 2019 - Volume 44 - Issue 18
pp: i-i,1257-1331,E1053-E1111

Sex Differences in Rat Intervertebral Disc Structure and Function Following Annular Puncture Injury

Mosley, Grace E.; Hoy, Robert C.; Nasser, Philip; More

SPINE. 44(18):1257-1269, September 15, 2019.

Paraoxonase 1 Was Negatively Associated With Intervertebral Disc Degeneration

Chen, Fan; Liu, Hui; Li, Zemin; More

SPINE. 44(18):E1053-E1062, September 15, 2019.

Genetic Variants of ABO and SOX6 are Associated With Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis in Chinese Han Population

Wu, Zhichong; Wang, Yuwen; Dai, Zhicheng; More

SPINE. 44(18):E1063-E1067, September 15, 2019.

Mechanical Performance of Posterior Spinal Instrumentation and Growing Rod Implants: Experimental and Computational Study

Foltz, Mary H.; Freeman, Andrew L.; Loughran, Galyna; More

SPINE. 44(18):1270-1278, September 15, 2019.

Preoperative Chronic Opioid Therapy Negatively Impacts Long-term Outcomes Following Cervical Fusion Surgery

Kalakoti, Piyush; Volkmar, Alexander J.; Bedard, Nicholas A.; More

SPINE. 44(18):1279-1286, September 15, 2019.

Non-mobile Adjacent Level Cervical Spondylolisthesis Does Not Always Require Fusion in Patients Undergoing ACDF

Segar, Anand H.; Divi, Srikanth N.; Tarazona, Daniel; More

SPINE. 44(18):1287-1293, September 15, 2019.

Geography of Lumbar Paravertebral Muscle Fatty Infiltration: The Influence of Demographics, Low Back Pain, and Disability

Crawford, Rebecca J.; Volken, Thomas; Ni Mhuiris, Áine; More

SPINE. 44(18):1294-1302, September 15, 2019.

Association Between Vertebral Fracture and Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis

Murakami, Yusuke; Mashima, Naohiko; Morino, Tadao; More

SPINE. 44(18):E1068-E1074, September 15, 2019.

Long-term Impacts of Brace Treatment for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis on Body Composition, Paraspinal Muscle Morphology, and Bone Mineral Density

Ohashi, Masayuki; Watanabe, Kei; Hirano, Toru; More

SPINE. 44(18):E1075-E1082, September 15, 2019.

The 5-Item Modified Frailty Index Is Predictive of Severe Adverse Events in Patients Undergoing Surgery for Adult Spinal Deformity

Yagi, Mitsuru; Michikawa, Takehiro; Hosogane, Naobumi; More

SPINE. 44(18):E1083-E1091, September 15, 2019.

Bladder Scans and Postvoid Residual Volume Measurement Improve Diagnostic Accuracy of Cauda Equina Syndrome

Venkatesan, Muralidharan; Nasto, Luigi; Tsegaye, Magnum; More

SPINE. 44(18):1303-1308, September 15, 2019.

Cross-cultural Adaptation and Validation of the Hausa Version of the Oswestry Disability Index 2.1a for Patients With Low Back Pain

Adamu, Aisha S.; Ibrahim, Aminu A.; Ahmad, Rufa’i Y.; More

SPINE. 44(18):E1092-E1102, September 15, 2019.

Changes in Pediatric Spine Surgery Patterns Over the Last 10 Years Among ABOS Part II Candidates

Nielsen, Ena; Andras, Lindsay M.; Hosseinzadeh, Pooya; More

SPINE. 44(18):E1103-E1107, September 15, 2019.

The Association Between Patient Reported Outcomes of Spinal Surgery and Societal Costs: A Register Based Study

Hansson-Hedblom, Amanda; Jonsson, Emma; Fritzell, Peter; More

SPINE. 44(18):1309-1317, September 15, 2019.

A Systematic Review of Definitions for Neurological Complications and Disease Progression in Patients Treated Surgically for Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy

Tetreault, Lindsay; Lange, Stefan F.; Chotai, Silky; More

SPINE. 44(18):1318-1331, September 15, 2019.