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October 01, 2015 - Volume 40 - Issue 19
pp: i-i,1471-1552,E1041-E1072

In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging Evaluation of Porous Tantalum Interbody Fusion Devices in a Porcine Spinal Arthrodesis Model

Zhou, Zhiyu; Wei, Fuxin; Huang, Sheng; More

Spine. 40(19):1471-1478, October 01, 2015.

Role of Enhanced Central Leptin Activity in a Scoliosis Model Created in Bipedal Amputated Mice

Wu, Tao; Sun, Xu; Zhu, Zezhang; More

Spine. 40(19):E1041-E1045, October 01, 2015.

Usefulness of 3-dimensional Measurement of Ossification of the Posterior Longitudinal Ligament (OPLL) in Patients With OPLL-induced Myelopathy

Lee, Nam; Ji, Gyu Yeul; Shin, Hyun Chul; More

Spine. 40(19):1479-1486, October 01, 2015.

The Influence of Age and Sex on Cervical Spinal Alignment Among Volunteers Aged Over 50

Oe, Shin; Togawa, Daisuke; Nakai, Keiichi; More

Spine. 40(19):1487-1494, October 01, 2015.

Effectiveness of Adjustable Cervical Orthoses and Modular Cervical Thoracic Orthoses in Restricting Neck Motion: A Comparative In vivo Biomechanical Study

Gao, Fan

Spine. 40(19):E1046-E1051, October 01, 2015.

Smooth Pursuit Eye Movement Deficits in Patients With Whiplash and Neck Pain are Modulated by Target Predictability

Janssen, Malou; Ischebeck, Britta K.; de Vries, Jurryt; More

Spine. 40(19):E1052-E1057, October 01, 2015.

The Relationship Between Osteoarthritis of the Lumbar Facet Joints and Lumbosacropelvic Morphology

Sahin, Mehmet Sukru; Ergün, Adviye; Aslan, Akn

Spine. 40(19):E1058-E1062, October 01, 2015.

Cognitive-behavioral Treatment for Subacute and Chronic Neck Pain: A Cochrane Review

Monticone, Marco; Ambrosini, Emilia; Cedraschi, Christine; More

Spine. 40(19):1495-1504, October 01, 2015.

Postoperative Recovery After Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery: Comparative Analysis of Age in 149 Patients During 2-year Follow-up

Scheer, Justin K.; Mundis, Gregory M.; Klineberg, Eric; More

Spine. 40(19):1505-1515, October 01, 2015.

Prevention of Acute Proximal Junctional Fractures After Long Thoracolumbar Posterior Fusions for Adult Spinal Deformity Using 2-level Cement Augmentation at the Upper Instrumented Vertebra and the Vertebra 1 Level Proximal to the Upper Instrumented Vertebra

Theologis, Alexander A.; Burch, Shane

Spine. 40(19):1516-1526, October 01, 2015.

Timing of Complications After Spinal Fusion Surgery

Bohl, Daniel D.; Webb, Matthew L.; Lukasiewicz, Adam M.; More

Spine. 40(19):1527-1535, October 01, 2015.

Vitamin D Levels and 1-Year Fusion Outcomes in Elective Spine Surgery: A Prospective Observational Study

Ravindra, Vijay M.; Godzik, Jakub; Dailey, Andrew T.; More

Spine. 40(19):1536-1541, October 01, 2015.

Interest of Laparoscopy for “En Bloc” Resection of Primary Malignant Sacral Tumors by Combined Approach: Comparative Study With Open Median Laparotomy

Dubory, Arnaud; Missenard, Gilles; Lambert, Benoît; More

Spine. 40(19):1542-1552, October 01, 2015.

The Selection of Open or Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy According to an Age Cut-off Point: Nationwide Cohort Study

Kim, Chi Heon; Chung, Chun Kee; Choi, Yunhee; More

Spine. 40(19):E1063-E1070, October 01, 2015.