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June 01, 2015 - Volume 40 - Issue 11
pp: i-i,757-863,E613-E664

Comparison of Clinical Outcomes of 1- and 2-Level Total Disc Replacement: Four-Year Results From a Prospective, Randomized, Controlled, Multicenter IDE Clinical Trial

Bae, Hyun W.; Kim, Kee D.; Nunley, Pierce Dalton; More

Spine. 40(11):759-766, June 01, 2015.

A Preliminary Study on a Novel Growth Guidance Rod System for Early-Onset Scoliosis in a Sheep Model

Li, Kai; Zhao, Sheng; Wei, Xiaochun; More

Spine. 40(11):767-772, June 01, 2015.

Autophagy in the Degenerating Human Intervertebral Disc: In Vivo Molecular and Morphological Evidence, and Induction of Autophagy in Cultured Annulus Cells Exposed to Proinflammatory Cytokines—Implications for Disc Degeneration

Gruber, Helen E.; Hoelscher, Gretchen L.; Ingram, Jane A.; More

Spine. 40(11):773-782, June 01, 2015.

Postural Consequences of Cervical Sagittal Imbalance: A Novel Laboratory Model

Patwardhan, Avinash G.; Havey, Robert M.; Khayatzadeh, Saeed; More

Spine. 40(11):783-792, June 01, 2015.

2015 Young Investigator Award Winner: Cervical Nerve Root Displacement and Strain During Upper Limb Neural Tension Testing: Part 1: A Minimally Invasive Assessment in Unembalmed Cadavers

Lohman, Chelsea M.; Gilbert, Kerry K.; Sobczak, Stéphane; More

Spine. 40(11):793-800, June 01, 2015.

2015 Young Investigator Award Winner: Cervical Nerve Root Displacement and Strain During Upper Limb Neural Tension Testing: Part 2: Role of Foraminal Ligaments in the Cervical Spine

Lohman, Chelsea M.; Gilbert, Kerry K.; Sobczak, Stéphane; More

Spine. 40(11):801-808, June 01, 2015.

Predicting In-Hospital Mortality in Elderly Patients With Cervical Spine Fractures: A Comparison of the Charlson and Elixhauser Comorbidity Measures

Menendez, Mariano E.; Ring, David; Harris, Mitchel B.; More

Spine. 40(11):809-815, June 01, 2015.

Construct Type and Risk Factors for Pseudarthrosis at the Cervicothoracic Junction

Yang, Justin S.; Buchowski, Jacob M.; Verma, Vivek

Spine. 40(11):E613-E617, June 01, 2015.

Has a Mono- or Bisegmental Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery an Influence on Self-Assessed Quality of Life, Trunk Range of Motion, and Gait Performance?

Stief, Felix; Meurer, Andrea; Wienand, Johanna; More

Spine. 40(11):E618-E626, June 01, 2015.

Is It Beneficial to Remove the Pedicle Screw Instrument After Successful Posterior Fusion of Thoracolumbar Burst Fractures?

Jeon, Chang-Hoon; Lee, Han-Dong; Lee, Yu-Sang; More

Spine. 40(11):E627-E633, June 01, 2015.

Use of the S-hook for Pelvic Fixation in Rib-Based Treatment of Early-Onset Scoliosis: A Multicenter Study

Ramirez, Norman; Flynn, John M.; Smith, John T.; More

Spine. 40(11):816-822, June 01, 2015.

The Fate of L5–S1 With Low-Dose BMP-2 and Pelvic Fixation, With or Without Interbody Fusion, in Adult Deformity Surgery

Annis, Prokopis; Brodke, Darrel S.; Spiker, William R.; More

Spine. 40(11):E634-E639, June 01, 2015.

Accuracies in Measuring Spinopelvic Parameters in Full-Spine Lateral Standing Radiograph

Yamada, Katsutaka; Aota, Yoichi; Higashi, Takayuki; More

Spine. 40(11):E640-E646, June 01, 2015.

Physiological Activity of Spinal Cord in Children: An 18F-FDG PET-CT Study

Taralli, Silvia; Leccisotti, Lucia; Mattoli, Maria Vittoria; More

Spine. 40(11):E647-E652, June 01, 2015.

Diagnostic Accuracy of Lumbosacral Spine Magnetic Resonance Image Reading by Chiropractors, Chiropractic Radiologists, and Medical Radiologists

de Zoete, Annemarie; Ostelo, Raymond; Knol, Dirk L.; More

Spine. 40(11):E653-E660, June 01, 2015.

Impact of Surgical Waiting-List Times on Scoliosis Surgery: The Surgeon's Perspective

Miyanji, Firoz; Newton, Peter O.; Samdani, Amer F.; More

Spine. 40(11):823-828, June 01, 2015.

Results of the 2014 SRS Survey on PJK/PJF: A Report on Variation of Select SRS Member Practice Patterns, Treatment Indications, and Opinions on Classification Development

Scheer, Justin K.; Fakurnejad, Shayan; Lau, Darryl; More

Spine. 40(11):829-840, June 01, 2015.

Easy to Harm, Hard to Heal: Patient Views About the Back

Darlow, Ben; Dean, Sarah; Perry, Meredith; More

Spine. 40(11):842-850, June 01, 2015.

Reason for Lawsuit in Spinal Cord Injury Affects Final Outcome

Quigley, Robert S.; Akpolat, Yusuf T.; Forrest, Brent D.; More

Spine. 40(11):851-855, June 01, 2015.

Unplanned Hospital Readmissions and Reoperations After Pediatric Spinal Fusion Surgery

Jain, Amit; Puvanesarajah, Varun; Menga, Emmanuel N.; More

Spine. 40(11):856-862, June 01, 2015.

Bipartite Atlas or Jefferson Fracture? A Case Series and Literature Review

Allam, Emad; Zhou, Yihua

Spine. 40(11):E661-E664, June 01, 2015.