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May 01, 2015 - Volume 40 - Issue 9
pp: i-i,593-668,E515-E562

Does a Preoperative Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention Affect Disability, Pain Behavior, Pain, and Return to Work the First Year After Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery?

Rolving, Nanna; Nielsen, Claus Vinther; Christensen, Finn Bjarke; More

Spine. 40(9):593-600, May 01, 2015.

Proteomic Analysis of Cerebrospinal Fluid in Canine Cervical Spondylomyelopathy

Martin-Vaquero, Paula; da Costa, Ronaldo C.; Allen, Matthew J.; More

Spine. 40(9):601-612, May 01, 2015.

Novel Protamine-Based Polyelectrolyte Carrier Enhances Low-Dose rhBMP-2 in Posterolateral Spinal Fusion

Hu, Tao; Abbah, Sunny Akogwu; Wang, Ming; More

Spine. 40(9):613-621, May 01, 2015.

A Biodegradable Glue for Annulus Closure: Evaluation of Strength and Endurance

Vergroesen, Pieter-Paul A.; Bochyn´ska, Agnieszka I.; Emanuel, Kaj S.; More

Spine. 40(9):622-628, May 01, 2015.

SIRT1 Plays a Protective Role in Intervertebral Disc Degeneration in a Puncture-induced Rodent Model

Xia, Xinlei; Guo, Ji; Lu, Feizhou; More

Spine. 40(9):E515-E524, May 01, 2015.

The Effect of Implant Placement on Sacroiliac Joint Range of Motion: Posterior Versus Transarticular

Soriano-Baron, Hector; Lindsey, Derek P.; Rodriguez-Martinez, Nestor; More

Spine. 40(9):E525-E530, May 01, 2015.

Does Aspirin Administration Increase Perioperative Morbidity in Patients With Cardiac Stents Undergoing Spinal Surgery?

Cuellar, Jason M.; Petrizzo, Anthony; Vaswani, Ravi; More

Spine. 40(9):629-635, May 01, 2015.

Acute Cauda Equina Syndrome Caused by a Disk Herniation—Is Emergent Surgery the Correct Option? Surgical Decompression Remains the Standard of Care

McLain, Robert F.; Agrawal, Basheal M.; Silverstein, Michael P.

Spine. 40(9):639-641, May 01, 2015.

Recruitment of Compensatory Mechanisms in Sagittal Spinal Malalignment Is Age and Regional Deformity Dependent: A Full-Standing Axis Analysis of Key Radiographical Parameters

Diebo, Bassel G.; Ferrero, Emmanuelle; Lafage, Renaud; More

Spine. 40(9):642-649, May 01, 2015.

The Rate of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Patients With Spinal Cord Stimulation

Desai, Mehul J.; Hargens, Liesl M.; Breitenfeldt, Maria D.; More

Spine. 40(9):E531-E537, May 01, 2015.

SRS-7: A Valid, Responsive, Linear, and Unidimensional Functional Outcome Measure for Operatively Treated Patients With AIS

Jain, Amit; Sponseller, Paul D.; Negrini, Stefano; More

Spine. 40(9):650-655, May 01, 2015.

Validation of the Simplified Chinese Version of the Functional Rating Index for Patients With Nonspecific Neck Pain in Mainland China

Wei, Xianzhao; Xu, Ximing; Zhao, Yongfei; More

Spine. 40(9):E538-E544, May 01, 2015.

Reference Values of the Pain Disability Index in Patients With Painful Musculoskeletal and Spinal Disorders: A Cross-national Study

Soer, Remko; Köke, Albère J.A.; Speijer, Bert L.G.N.; More

Spine. 40(9):E545-E551, May 01, 2015.

Spinal Hemangiomas: Results of Surgical Management for Local Recurrence and Mortality in a Multicenter Study

Goldstein, Christina L.; Varga, Peter Pal; Gokaslan, Ziya L.; More

Spine. 40(9):656-664, May 01, 2015.

Good Clinical Outcomes and Fusion Rate of Facet Fusion With a Percutaneous Pedicle Screw System for Degenerative Lumbar Spondylolisthesis: Minimally Invasive Evolution of Posterolateral Fusion

Miyashita, Tomohiro; Ataka, Hiromi; Kato, Kei; More

Spine. 40(9):E552-E557, May 01, 2015.

Intraosseous Hibernoma: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Hafeez, Imran; Shankman, Steven; Michnovicz, Jon; More

Spine. 40(9):E558-E561, May 01, 2015.