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January 01, 2015 - Volume 40 - Issue 1
pp: i-i,1-61,E1-E59

Biomechanical Analysis of Differential Pull-Out Strengths of Bone Screws Using Cervical Anterior Transpedicular Technique in Normal and Osteoporotic Cervical Cadaveric Spines

Wu, Changfu; Chen, Chun; Wu, Weidong; More

Spine. 40(1):E1-E8, January 01, 2015.

Safety Evaluation of Freehand Lateral Mass Screw Fixation in the Subaxial Cervical Spine: Evaluation of 1256 Screws

Kim, Hak-Sun; Suk, Kyung-Soo; Moon, Seong-Hwan; More

Spine. 40(1):2-5, January 01, 2015.

Correlation of Cord Signal Change With Physical Examination Findings in Patients With Cervical Myelopathy

Nemani, Venu M.; Kim, Han Jo; Piyaskulkaew, Chaiwat; More

Spine. 40(1):6-10, January 01, 2015.

The Morphology and Clinical Significance of the Extraforaminal Ligaments at the Cervical Level

Shi, Benchao; Zheng, Xuefeng; Zhang, Hui; More

Spine. 40(1):E9-E17, January 01, 2015.

Does a Medial Retraction Blade Transmit Direct Pressure to Pharyngeal/Esophageal Wall During Anterior Cervical Surgery?

Han, In Ho; Lee, Su Heon; Lee, Jae Min; More

Spine. 40(1):E18-E22, January 01, 2015.

Psychometric Properties of the Modified Japanese Orthopaedic Association Scale in Patients With Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy

Kopjar, Branko; Tetreault, Lindsay; Kalsi-Ryan, Suhkvinder; More

Spine. 40(1):E23-E28, January 01, 2015.

Association of Preoperative Cervical Spine Alignment With Spinal Cord Magnetic Resonance Imaging Hyperintensity and Myelopathy Severity: Analysis of a Series of 124 Cases

Mohanty, Chandan; Massicotte, Eric M.; Fehlings, Michael G.; More

Spine. 40(1):11-16, January 01, 2015.

Characteristics of Low Back Pain in Adolescent Patients With Early-Stage Spondylolysis Evaluated Using a Detailed Visual Analogue Scale

Sugiura, Shiro; Aoki, Yasuchika; Toyooka, Takeshi; More

Spine. 40(1):E29-E34, January 01, 2015.

Feasibility and Patient-Reported Outcomes After Outpatient Single-Level Instrumented Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion in a Surgery Center: Preliminary Results in 16 Patients

Chin, Kingsley R.; Coombs, André V.; Seale, Jason A.

Spine. 40(1):E36-E42, January 01, 2015.

Analysis of Retrieved Growth Guidance Sliding LSZ-4D Devices for Early Onset Scoliosis and Investigation of the Use of Nitinol Rods for This System

Lukina, Elena; Kollerov, Mikhail; Meswania, Jay; More

Spine. 40(1):17-24, January 01, 2015.

Posterior Correction and Fusion Surgery Using Pedicle-Screw Constructs for Lenke Type 5C Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Preliminary Report

Okada, Eijiro; Watanabe, Kota; Pang, Long; More

Spine. 40(1):25-30, January 01, 2015.

Changes of the Abdomen in Patients With Ankylosing Spondylitis Kyphosis

Liu, Chao; Song, Kai; Zhang, Yonggang; More

Spine. 40(1):E43-E48, January 01, 2015.

Distribution of Schmorl Nodes in the Lumbar Spine and Their Relationship With Lumbar Disk Degeneration and Range of Motion

Yin, Ruofeng; Lord, Elizabeth L.; Cohen, Jeremiah Raphael; More

Spine. 40(1):E49-E53, January 01, 2015.

An Independent Interobserver Reliability and Intraobserver Reproducibility Evaluation of the New AOSpine Thoracolumbar Spine Injury Classification System

Urrutia, Julio; Zamora, Tomas; Yurac, Ratko; More

Spine. 40(1):E54-E58, January 01, 2015.

Cost-Utility Analyses in Spine Care: A Qualitative and Systematic Review

Nwachukwu, Benedict U.; Schairer, William W.; Shifflett, Grant D.; More

Spine. 40(1):31-40, January 01, 2015.

Prevalence of Scoliosis Among Primary and Middle School Students in Mainland China: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Zhang, Hongqi; Guo, Chaofeng; Tang, Mingxing; More

Spine. 40(1):41-49, January 01, 2015.

Outcomes of Bracing in Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis Until Skeletal Maturity or Surgery

Khoshbin, Amir; Caspi, Liora; Law, Peggy W.; More

Spine. 40(1):50-55, January 01, 2015.

The Impact of Obesity on Short- and Long-term Outcomes After Lumbar Fusion

De la Garza-Ramos, Rafael; Bydon, Mohamad; Abt, Nicholas B.; More

Spine. 40(1):56-61, January 01, 2015.