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September 01, 2014 - Volume 39 - Issue 19
pp: i-i,1533-1631,E1123-E1194

cGMP and cGMP-Dependent Protein Kinase I Pathway in Dorsal Root Ganglia Contributes to Bone Cancer Pain in Rats

Liu, Su; Zhang, Mao-yin; Chen, Li-ping; More

Spine. 39(19):1533-1541, September 01, 2014.

Upregulation of BDNF and NGF in Cervical Intervertebral Discs Exposed to Painful Whole-Body Vibration

Kartha, Sonia; Zeeman, Martha E.; Baig, Hassam A.; More

Spine. 39(19):1542-1548, September 01, 2014.

The Relationship Between the Duration of Acute Cauda Equina Compression and Functional Outcomes in a Rat Model

Glennie, R. Andrew; Urquhart, Jennifer C.; Staudt, Michael D.; More

Spine. 39(19):E1123-E1131, September 01, 2014.

The Effects of Amicar and TXA on Lumbar Spine Fusion in an Animal Model

Cuellar, Jason M.; Yoo, Andrew; Tovar, Nick; More

Spine. 39(19):E1132-E1137, September 01, 2014.

Advantageous New Conic Cannula for Spine Cement Injection

González, Sergio Gómez; Vlad, María Daniela; López, José López; More

Spine. 39(19):1549-1557, September 01, 2014.

Biomechanical Stability of Lateral Interbody Implants and Supplemental Fixation in a Cadaveric Degenerative Spondylolisthesis Model

Fogel, Guy R.; Turner, Alexander W. L.; Dooley, Zachary A.; More

Spine. 39(19):E1138-E1146, September 01, 2014.

Cement Augmentation in a Thoracolumbar Fracture Model: Reduction and Stability After Balloon Kyphoplasty Versus Vertebral Body Stenting

Disch, Alexander C.; Schmoelz, Werner

Spine. 39(19):E1147-E1153, September 01, 2014.

The Effect of Posterior Decompressive Procedures on Segmental Range of Motion After Cervical Total Disc Arthroplasty

Brody, Michael J.; Patel, Alpesh A.; Ghanayem, Alexander J.; More

Spine. 39(19):1558-1563, September 01, 2014.

Artificial Disk Replacement in the Treatment of Degenerative Cervical Disk Disorder: A 30-Year Follow-up Study

Yang, Haisong; Lu, Xuhua; Yuan, Wen; More

Spine. 39(19):1564-1571, September 01, 2014.

The Effect of Cervical Posterior Foraminotomy on Segmental Range of Motion in the Setting of Total Disc Arthroplasty

Bevevino, Adam J.; Lehman, Ronald A. Jr; Kang, Daniel G.; More

Spine. 39(19):1572-1577, September 01, 2014.

Infection Rate After Transoral Approach for the Upper Cervical Spine

Shousha, Mootaz; Mosafer, Azim; Boehm, Heinrich

Spine. 39(19):1578-1583, September 01, 2014.

National Trends in the Use of Fusion Techniques to Treat Degenerative Spondylolisthesis

Kepler, Christopher K.; Vaccaro, Alexander R.; Hilibrand, Alan S.; More

Spine. 39(19):1584-1589, September 01, 2014.

Case Reviews of Infections of the Spine in Patients With a History of Solid Organ Transplantation

Falakassa, Jonathan; Hirsch, Brandon P.; Norton, Robert P.; More

Spine. 39(19):E1154-E1158, September 01, 2014.

Is There a Relationship Between Thoracic Dimensions and Pulmonary Function in Early-Onset Scoliosis?

Glotzbecker, Michael; Johnston, Charles; Miller, Patricia; More

Spine. 39(19):1590-1595, September 01, 2014.

Three-Dimensional Characterization of Torsion and Asymmetry of the Intervertebral Discs Versus Vertebral Bodies in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Schlösser, Tom P.C.; van Stralen, Marijn; Brink, Rob C.; More

Spine. 39(19):E1159-E1166, September 01, 2014.

Clostridium difficile Colitis in Patients Undergoing Lumbar Spine Surgery

Skovrlj, Branko; Guzman, Javier Z.; Silvestre, Jason; More

Spine. 39(19):E1167-E1173, September 01, 2014.

Outcomes and Complications of Diabetes Mellitus on Patients Undergoing Degenerative Lumbar Spine Surgery

Guzman, Javier Z.; Iatridis, James C.; Skovrlj, Branko; More

Spine. 39(19):1596-1604, September 01, 2014.

Surgeon Specialty and Outcomes After Elective Spine Surgery

Seicean, Andreea; Alan, Nima; Seicean, Sinziana; More

Spine. 39(19):1605-1613, September 01, 2014.

Psychosocial Factors and Surgical Outcomes: Are Elderly Depressed Patients Less Satisfied With Surgery?

Adogwa, Owoicho; Carr, Kevin; Fatemi, Parastou; More

Spine. 39(19):1614-1619, September 01, 2014.

Survival Analysis of Breast Cancer Subtypes in Patients With Spinal Metastases

Wang, Miao; Jensen, Anders Bonde; Morgen, Soeren Smith; More

Spine. 39(19):1620-1627, September 01, 2014.

Does a Kaolin-Impregnated Hemostatic Dressing Reduce Intraoperative Blood Loss and Blood Transfusions in Pediatric Spinal Deformity Surgery?

Abbott, Emily M.; Nandyala, Sreeharsha V.; Schwend, Richard M.

Spine. 39(19):E1174-E1180, September 01, 2014.

Pulmonary Function Recovery Demonstrated by Ventilation-Perfusion Scan After Posterior Vertebral Column Resection for Severe Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Case Report

Fujii, Takeshi; Watanabe, Kota; Toyama, Yoshiaki; More

Spine. 39(19):E1190-E1194, September 01, 2014.