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November 01, 2012 - Volume 37 - Issue 23
pp: i-i,1923-1990,E1415-E1478

Cervical Spine Trauma in Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis: Injury Characteristics and Outcome With Surgical Treatment

Bransford, Richard J.; Koller, Heiko; Caron, Troy; More

Spine. 37(23):1923-1932, November 01, 2012.

Prediction of Surgical Outcome for Proximal-Type Cervical Spondylotic Amyotrophy Novel Mode of Assessment Using Compound Action Potentials of Deltoid and Biceps Brachii and Central Motor Conduction Time

Imajo, Yasuaki; Kato, Yoshihiko; Kanchiku, Tsukasa; More

Spine. 37(23):E1444-E1449, November 01, 2012.

Comparison of 3 Reconstructive Techniques in the Surgical Management of Multilevel Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy

Liu, Yang; Hou, Yang; Yang, Lili; More

Spine. 37(23):E1450-E1458, November 01, 2012.

Does Obesity Affect Outcomes of Treatment for Lumbar Stenosis and Degenerative Spondylolisthesis? Analysis of the Spine Patient Outcomes Research Trial (SPORT)

Rihn, Jeffrey A.; Radcliff, Kristen; Hilibrand, Alan S.; More

Spine. 37(23):1933-1946, November 01, 2012.

Intervertebral Disc Height Changes After Weight Reduction in Morbidly Obese Patients and Its Effect on Quality of Life and Radicular and Low Back Pain

Lidar, Zvi; Behrbalk, Eyal; Regev, Gilad J.; More

Spine. 37(23):1947-1952, November 01, 2012.

Risk Factors for Heterotopic Ossification in Patients With Spinal Cord Injury: A Case-Control Study of 264 Patients

Citak, Mustafa; Suero, Eduardo M.; Backhaus, Manuel; More

Spine. 37(23):1953-1957, November 01, 2012.

Prevalence of Vertebral Endplate Modic Changes in Degenerative Lumbar Scoliosis and Its Associated Factors Analysis

Wu, Hai-Long; Ding, Wen-Yuan; Shen, Yong; More

Spine. 37(23):1958-1964, November 01, 2012.

Secondary Curve Behavior in Lenke Type 1C Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis After Thoracoscopic Selective Anterior Thoracic Fusion

Yong, Mostyn R. N. O.; Izatt, Maree T.; Adam, Clayton J.; More

Spine. 37(23):1965-1974, November 01, 2012.

Rates and Causes of Mortality Associated With Spine Surgery Based on 108,419 Procedures: A Review of the Scoliosis Research Society Morbidity and Mortality Database

Smith, Justin S.; Saulle, Dwight; Chen, Ching-Jen; More

Spine. 37(23):1975-1982, November 01, 2012.

Antifibrinolytic Agents Reduce Blood Loss During Pediatric Vertebral Column Resection Procedures

Newton, Peter O.; Bastrom, Tracey P.; Emans, John B.; More

Spine. 37(23):E1459-E1463, November 01, 2012.

Teriparatide Accelerates Lumbar Posterolateral Fusion in Women With Postmenopausal Osteoporosis: Prospective Study

Ohtori, Seiji; Inoue, Gen; Orita, Sumihisa; More

Spine. 37(23):E1464-E1468, November 01, 2012.

Development of a New Technique for Pedicle Screw and Magerl Screw Insertion Using a 3-Dimensional Image Guide

Kawaguchi, Yoshiharu; Nakano, Masato; Yasuda, Taketoshi; More

Spine. 37(23):1983-1988, November 01, 2012.

Morphological Changes of Lumbar Vertebral Bodies and Intervertebral Discs Associated With Decrease in Bone Mineral Density of the Spine: A Cross-sectional Study in Elderly Subjects

Kwok, Anthony W. L.; Wang, Yi-Xiang J.; Griffith, James F.; More

Spine. 37(23):E1415-E1421, November 01, 2012.

The Pressure Distribution of Cerebrospinal Fluid Responds to Residual Compression and Decompression in an Animal Model of Acute Spinal Cord Injury

Jones, Claire F.; Newell, Robyn S.; Lee, Jae H. T.; More

Spine. 37(23):E1422-E1431, November 01, 2012.

Scheuermann Kyphosis in Nonhuman Primates

Farrell, Brian M.; Kuo, Calvin C.; Tang, Jessica A.; More

Spine. 37(23):E1432-E1437, November 01, 2012.

Dynamic Biomechanical Examination of the Lumbar Spine With Implanted Total Disc Replacement Using a Pendulum Testing System

Daniels, Alan H.; Paller, David J.; Koruprolu, Sarath; More

Spine. 37(23):E1438-E1443, November 01, 2012.

Can Altering Motions, Postures, and Loads Provide Immediate Low Back Pain Relief: A Study of 4 Cases Investigating Spine Load, Posture, and Stability

Ikeda, Dianne M.; McGill, Stuart M.

Spine. 37(23):E1469-E1475, November 01, 2012.

Delayed Onset of Anterior Spinal Artery Syndrome After Repair of Aortic Coarctation

Wilder, Michael J.; Ng, Perry P.; Dailey, Andrew T.

Spine. 37(23):E1476-E1478, November 01, 2012.