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July 01, 2012 - Volume 37 - Issue 15
pp: i-i,1275-1345,E873-E934

Dose-Dependent Enhancement of Spinal Fusion in Rats With Teriparatide (PTH[1–34])

Ming, Ni; Cheng, Jimmy Tin-Yan; Rui, Yun-Feng; More

Spine. 37(15):1275-1282, July 01, 2012.

Impact of Unilateral Corrective Tethering on the Histology of the Growth Plate in an Established Porcine Model for Thoracic Scoliosis

Chay, Edward; Patel, Ashish; Ungar, Benjamin; More

Spine. 37(15):E883-E889, July 01, 2012.

Gross Morphological Changes of the Spinal Cord Immediately After Surgical Decompression in a Large Animal Model of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury

Jones, Claire F.; Cripton, Peter A.; Kwon, Brian K.

Spine. 37(15):E890-E899, July 01, 2012.

Comparison of Animal Discs Used in Disc Research to Human Lumbar Disc: Torsion Mechanics and Collagen Content

Showalter, Brent L.; Beckstein, Jesse C.; Martin, John T.; More

Spine. 37(15):E900-E907, July 01, 2012.

Effect of Axial Load on the Flexural Properties of an Elastomeric Total Disc Replacement

Mahomed, Aziza; Moghadas, Parshia M.; Shepherd, Duncan E.T.; More

Spine. 37(15):E908-E912, July 01, 2012.

Postoperative 24-Hour Result of 15-Second Grip-and-Release Test Correlates With Surgical Outcome of Cervical Compression Myelopathy

Hosono, Noboru; Takenaka, Shota; Mukai, Yoshihiro; More

Spine. 37(15):1283-1287, July 01, 2012.

Impact of Lamina Closure on Long-term Outcomes of Open-Door Laminoplasty in Patients With Cervical Myelopathy: Minimum 5-Year Follow-up Study

Matsumoto, Morio; Watanabe, Kota; Hosogane, Naobumi; More

Spine. 37(15):1288-1291, July 01, 2012.

Tracheal Traction Exercise Reduces the Occurrence of Postoperative Dysphagia After Anterior Cervical Spine Surgery

Chen, Zhi; Wei, Xianzhao; Li, Fengning; More

Spine. 37(15):1292-1296, July 01, 2012.

Warning Thresholds on the Basis of Origin of Amplitude Changes in Transcranial Electrical Motor-Evoked Potential Monitoring for Cervical Compression Myelopathy

Sakaki, Kyohei; Kawabata, Shigenori; Ukegawa, Dai; More

Spine. 37(15):E913-E921, July 01, 2012.

Multivariate Analysis of Factors Associated With Kyphosis Maintenance in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Lonner, Baron S.; Lazar-Antman, Meredith A.; Sponseller, Paul D.; More

Spine. 37(15):1297-1302, July 01, 2012.

How Does Thoracic Kyphosis Affect Patient Outcomes in Growing Rod Surgery?

Schroerlucke, Samuel R.; Akbarnia, Behrooz A.; Pawelek, Jeff B.; More

Spine. 37(15):1303-1309, July 01, 2012.

The Predictive Value of the Fulcrum Bending Radiograph in Spontaneous Apical Vertebral Derotation in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Luk, Keith D.K.; Cheung, Wai-Yuen; Wong, Yik; More

Spine. 37(15):E922-E926, July 01, 2012.

Spinal Trauma in Mainland China From 2001 to 2007: An Epidemiological Study Based on a Nationwide Database

Liu, Peng; Yao, Yuan; Liu, Ming-yong; More

Spine. 37(15):1310-1315, July 01, 2012.

Relationship Between Ambulatory Performance and Self-Rated Disability in Patients With Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Pryce, Rob; Johnson, Michael; Goytan, Michael; More

Spine. 37(15):1316-1323, July 01, 2012.

Potential Risk Factors for New Onset of Back Pain Disability in Japanese Workers: Findings From the Japan Epidemiological Research of Occupation-Related Back Pain Study

Matsudaira, Ko; Konishi, Hiroaki; Miyoshi, Kota; More

Spine. 37(15):1324-1333, July 01, 2012.

Risk Factors for Hospitalization Due to Lumbar Disc Disease

Wahlström, Jens; Burström, Lage; Nilsson, Tohr; More

Spine. 37(15):1334-1339, July 01, 2012.

Surgical Site Infection in Spinal Surgery: Description of Surgical and Patient-Based Risk Factors for Postoperative Infection Using Administrative Claims Data

Abdul-Jabbar, Amir; Takemoto, Steven; Weber, Michael H.; More

Spine. 37(15):1340-1345, July 01, 2012.

Anterior Cervical Reconstruction With Pedicle Screws After a 4-Level Corpectomy

Ikenaga, Minoru; Mukaida, Masashi; Nagahara, Ryoichi; More

Spine. 37(15):E927-E930, July 01, 2012.

Stab Wound With Lodged Knife Tip Causing Spinal Cord and Vertebral Artery Injuries: Case Report and Literature Review

Xia, Xinlei; Zhang, Fan; Lu, Feizhou; More

Spine. 37(15):E931-E934, July 01, 2012.