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April 01, 2012 - Volume 37 - Issue 7
pp: i-i,531-629,E417-E459

The Efficacy of Systematic Active Conservative Treatment for Patients With Severe Sciatica: A Single-Blind, Randomized, Clinical, Controlled Trial

Albert, Hanne B.; Manniche, Claus

Spine. 37(7):531-542, April 01, 2012.

A Prospective Randomized FDA-IDE Trial Comparing Cortoss With PMMA for Vertebroplasty: A Comparative Effectiveness Research Study With 24-Month Follow-up

Bae, Hyun; Hatten, Homer Paul Jr; Linovitz, Raymond; More

Spine. 37(7):544-550, April 01, 2012.

An Evaluation of a Postoperative Rehabilitation Program After Spinal Surgery and Its Impact on Outcome

McGregor, Alison H.; Henley, Ania; Morris, Tim P.; More

Spine. 37(7):E417-E422, April 01, 2012.

Estimating Risk of Pulmonary Neoplastic Embolism During Vertebroplasty

Axelsen, Martin; Thomassen, Line Dahl; Bünger, Cody; More

Spine. 37(7):551-556, April 01, 2012.

Investigation of Dichotomizing Sensory Nerve Fibers Projecting to the Lumbar Multifidus Muscles and Intervertebral Disc or Facet Joint or Sacroiliac Joint in Rats

Umimura, Tomotaka; Miyagi, Masayuki; Ishikawa, Tetsuhiro; More

Spine. 37(7):557-562, April 01, 2012.

Factors Affecting Clinical Outcomes in Treating Patients With Grade 1 Degenerative Spondylolisthesis Using Interspinous Soft Stabilization With a Tension Band System: A Minimum 5-year Follow-up

Lee, Sang-Ho; Lee, June-Ho; Hong, Soon-Woo; More

Spine. 37(7):563-572, April 01, 2012.

Predictive Value of Tokuhashi Scoring Systems in Spinal Metastases, Focusing on Various Primary Tumor Groups: Evaluation of 448 Patients in the Aarhus Spinal Metastases Database

Wang, Miao; Bünger, Cody Eric; Li, Haisheng; More

Spine. 37(7):573-582, April 01, 2012.

Therapeutic Efficacy of Vertebroplasty in Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures With Avascular Osteonecrosis: A Minimum 2-Year Follow-up Study

Heo, Dong Hwa; Choi, Jong Hun; Kim, Moon Kyu; More

Spine. 37(7):E423-E429, April 01, 2012.

Are “Patterns” of Lumbar Disc Degeneration Associated With Low Back Pain?: New Insights Based on Skipped Level Disc Pathology

Cheung, Kenneth M. C.; Samartzis, Dino; Karppinen, Jaro; More

Spine. 37(7):E430-E438, April 01, 2012.

Results and Complications After Spinal Fusion for Neuromuscular Scoliosis in Cerebral Palsy and Static Encephalopathy Using Luque Galveston Instrumentation: Experience in 93 Patients

Lonstein, John E.; Koop, Steven E.; Novachek, Tom F.; More

Spine. 37(7):583-591, April 01, 2012.

Correlation of Radiographic and Functional Measurements in Patients Who Underwent Primary Scoliosis Surgery in Adult Age

Sánchez-Mariscal, Felisa; Gomez-Rice, Alejandro; Izquierdo, Enrique; More

Spine. 37(7):592-598, April 01, 2012.

Abnormal Leptin Bioavailability in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: An Important New Finding

Liu, Zhen; Tam, Elisa M. S.; Sun, Guang-Quan; More

Spine. 37(7):599-604, April 01, 2012.

Predicting Compensation and Medical Costs of Lumbar Fusion Patients Receiving Workers' Compensation in Utah Using Presurgical Biopsychosocial Variables

Wheeler, Anthony J.; Gundy, Jessica M.; DeBerard, M. Scott

Spine. 37(7):605-611, April 01, 2012.

Disparities in Rates of Spine Surgery for Degenerative Spine Disease Between HIV-Infected and Uninfected Veterans

King, Joseph T. Jr; Gordon, Adam J.; Perkal, Melissa F.; More

Spine. 37(7):612-622, April 01, 2012.

Microscope Sterility During Spine Surgery

Bible, Jesse E.; O'Neill, Kevin R.; Crosby, Colin G.; More

Spine. 37(7):623-627, April 01, 2012.


Niggemann, Pascal; Kuchta, Johannes; Delank, Karl-Stefan

Spine. 37(7):629, April 01, 2012.

Development of a French-Canadian Version of the Oswestry Disability Index: Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Validation

Denis, Isabelle; Fortin, Luc

Spine. 37(7):E439-E444, April 01, 2012.

L5 Hemivertebra Resection and T12-S1 Fusion in a 14-Year-Old Female With a 36-Year Follow-up

Winter, Robert B.; Burger, Evalina L.

Spine. 37(7):E445-E450, April 01, 2012.

Treatment of Dens Fractures With Posterior Atlantoaxial Dislocation With Transoral Atlantoaxial Reduction Plate Surgery: Case Report and Introduction of a Novel Treatment Option

Zhang, Kai; Xu, JunJie; Wang, Qing; More

Spine. 37(7):E451-E455, April 01, 2012.

Fibromatosis of the Cervical Region Following Laminectomy: A Case Report and Literature Review

Sevak, Shruti; Blount, Andrew L.; Cottingham, Sandra; More

Spine. 37(7):E456-E459, April 01, 2012.