February 01, 2012 - Volume 37 - Issue 3 : Spine

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February 01, 2012 - Volume 37 - Issue 3
pp: i-i,161-259,E139-E202

Capability of Nondegenerated and Degenerated Discs in Producing Inflammatory Agents With or Without Macrophage Interaction

Hamamoto, Hideki; Miyamoto, Hiroshi; Doita, Minoru; More

Spine. 37(3):161-167, February 01, 2012.

Differences in Damage to CGRP Immunoreactive Sensory Nerves After Two Lumbar Surgical Approaches: Investigation Using Humans and Rats

Ohtori, Seiji; Miyagi, Masayuki; Takaso, Masashi; More

Spine. 37(3):168-173, February 01, 2012.

Calcitonin Enhanced Lumbar Spinal Fusion in a New Zealand Rabbit Model: A Study With Morphologic and Molecular Analysis

Liu, Yong; Fan, Yu; Cao, Dengfeng; More

Spine. 37(3):E139-E146, February 01, 2012.

The Angiogenic Capacity From Ligamentum Flavum Subsequent to Inflammation: A Critical Component of the Pathomechanism of Hypertrophy

Moon, Hong Joo; Park, Youn-Kwan; Ryu, Youngjoon; More

Spine. 37(3):E147-E155, February 01, 2012.

The Incidence of C5 Palsy After Multilevel Cervical Decompression Procedures: A Review of 750 Consecutive Cases

Nassr, Ahmad; Eck, Jason C.; Ponnappan, Ravi K.; More

Spine. 37(3):174-178, February 01, 2012.

Three-Dimensional Configuration and Morphometric Analysis of the Lateral Atlantoaxial Articulation in Congenital Anomaly With Occipitalization of the Atlas

Yin, Yi-heng; Yu, Xin-guang; Zhou, Ding-biao; More

Spine. 37(3):E170-E173, February 01, 2012.

Subsequent Vertebral Fracture After Vertebroplasty: Incidence and Analysis of Risk Factors

Li, Yi-An; Lin, Che-Li; Chang, Ming-Chau; More

Spine. 37(3):179-183, February 01, 2012.

Hybrid Grafting Using Bone Marrow Aspirate Combined With Porous β-Tricalcium Phosphate and Trephine Bone for Lumbar Posterolateral Spinal Fusion: A Prospective, Comparative Study Versus Local Bone Grafting

Yamada, Tsuyoshi; Yoshii, Toshitaka; Sotome, Shinichi; More

Spine. 37(3):E174-E179, February 01, 2012.

Simultaneous Translation on Two Rods to Treat Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Radiographic Results in Coronal, Sagittal, and Transverse Plane of a Series of 62 Patients With a Minimum Follow-up of Two Years

Clement, Jean-Luc; Chau, Edouard; Geoffray, Anne; More

Spine. 37(3):184-192, February 01, 2012.

Different Proximal Thoracic Curve Patterns Have Different Relative Positions of Esophagus to Spine in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Computed Tomography Study

Jiang, Jun; Mao, Saihu; Zhao, Qinghua; More

Spine. 37(3):193-199, February 01, 2012.

Residual Thoracic Hypokyphosis After Posterior Spinal Fusion and Instrumentation in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Risk Factors and Clinical Ramifications

Fletcher, Nicholas D.; Jeffrey, Hopkins; Anna, McClung; More

Spine. 37(3):200-206, February 01, 2012.

Changes in Thoracic Kyphosis Negatively Impact Sagittal Alignment After Lumbar Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy: A Comprehensive Radiographic Analysis

Lafage, Virginie; Ames, Christopher; Schwab, Frank; More

Spine. 37(3):E180-E187, February 01, 2012.

Dynamic Change of Dural Sac Cross-Sectional Area in Axial Loaded Magnetic Resonance Imaging Correlates With the Severity of Clinical Symptoms in Patients With Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis

Kanno, Haruo; Ozawa, Hiroshi; Koizumi, Yutaka; More

Spine. 37(3):207-213, February 01, 2012.

In Vivo Intervertebral Disc Characterization Using Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and T Imaging: Association With Discography and Oswestry Disability Index and Short Form-36 Health Survey

Zuo, Jin; Joseph, Gabby B.; Li, Xiaojuan; More

Spine. 37(3):214-221, February 01, 2012.

Use of Bone Morphogenetic Proteins in Spinal Fusion Surgery for Older Adults With Lumbar Stenosis: Trends, Complications, Repeat Surgery, and Charges

Deyo, Richard A.; Ching, Alex; Matsen, Laura; More

Spine. 37(3):222-230, February 01, 2012.

Point of View

Kepler, Christopher K.; Vaccaro, Alexander R.

Spine. 37(3):231, February 01, 2012.

How Do General Practitioners Assess Low Back Pain Web Sites?

Gremeaux, Vincent; Viviez, Thomas; Bousquet, Philippe; More

Spine. 37(3):240-246, February 01, 2012.

Pediatric Pedicle Screw Placement Using Intraoperative Computed Tomography and 3-Dimensional Image-Guided Navigation

Larson, A. Noelle; Santos, Edward R. G.; Polly, David W. Jr; More

Spine. 37(3):E188-E194, February 01, 2012.


Tait, Raymond C.; Chibnall, John T.

Spine. 37(3):256-257, February 01, 2012.


Corbin, Terry P.; Peul, Wilco C.; Schoene, Mark L.; More

Spine. 37(3):258, February 01, 2012.


Williams, Brian J.; Smith, Justin S.; Shaffrey, Christopher I.

Spine. 37(3):258, February 01, 2012.

Prediction of the Vertebral Strength Using a Finite Element Model Derived From Low-Dose Biplanar Imaging: Benefits of Subject-Specific Material Properties

Sapin-de Brosses, Emilie; Jolivet, Erwan; Travert, Christophe; More

Spine. 37(3):E156-E162, February 01, 2012.

Biomechanical Analysis of Sacral Screw Strain and Range of Motion in Long Posterior Spinal Fixation Constructs: Effects of Lumbosacral Fixation Strategies in Reducing Sacral Screw Strains

Fleischer, Gary D.; Kim, Yongjung J.; Ferrara, Lisa A.; More

Spine. 37(3):E163-E169, February 01, 2012.

Adhesive Arachnoiditis With Extensive Syringomyelia and Giant Arachnoid Cyst After Spinal and Epidural Anesthesia: A Case Report

Hirai, Takashi; Kato, Tsuyoshi; Kawabata, Shigenori; More

Spine. 37(3):E195-E198, February 01, 2012.

Atypical Extensive Extratemporal Hyperpneumatization of the Skull Base Including the Cervical Spine: Case Report and Review of the Literature

Massmann, Alexander; Garcia, Patric; Pizanis, Antonius; More

Spine. 37(3):E199-E202, February 01, 2012.