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December 01, 2011 - Volume 36 - Issue 25
pp: i-i,2105-2233,E1593-E1658

Self-Management of Persistent Neck Pain: Two-Year Follow-up of a Randomized Controlled Trial of a Multicomponent Group Intervention in Primary Health Care

Gustavsson, Catharina; Denison, Eva; von Koch, Lena

Spine. 36(25):2105-2115, December 01, 2011.

Segmental Contribution Toward Total Cervical Range of Motion: A Comparison of Cervical Disc Arthroplasty and Fusion

Auerbach, Joshua D.; Anakwenze, Okechukwu A.; Milby, Andrew H.; More

Spine. 36(25):E1593-E1599, December 01, 2011.

Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty With MAVERICK Disc Versus Stand-Alone Interbody Fusion: A Prospective, Randomized, Controlled, Multicenter Investigational Device Exemption Trial

Gornet, Matthew F.; Burkus, J. Kenneth; Dryer, Randall F.; More

Spine. 36(25):E1600-E1611, December 01, 2011.

Clinically Relevant Anatomy of High Anterior Cervical Approach

Haller, Justin M.; Iwanik, Michael; Shen, Francis H.

Spine. 36(25):2116-2121, December 01, 2011.

Anatomical Connection Between the Rectus Capitis Posterior Major and the Dura Mater

Scali, Frank; Marsili, Eric S.; Pontell, Matthew E.

Spine. 36(25):E1612-E1614, December 01, 2011.

High-Mobility Group Box-1 and Its Receptors Contribute to Proinflammatory Response in the Acute Phase of Spinal Cord Injury in Rats

Chen, Ke-Bing; Uchida, Kenzo; Nakajima, Hideaki; More

Spine. 36(25):2122-2129, December 01, 2011.

Agmatine-Reduced Collagen Scar Area Accompanied With Surface Righting Reflex Recovery After Complete Transection Spinal Cord Injury

Kim, Jae Hwan; Lee, Yong Woo; Park, Yu Mi; More

Spine. 36(25):2130-2138, December 01, 2011.

Changes in Expression of mRNA for Interleukin-8 and Effects of Interleukin-8 Receptor Inhibitor in the Spinal Dorsal Horn in a Rat Model of Lumbar Disc Herniation

Kim, Su-Jeong; Park, Sung-Min; Cho, Yun-Woo; More

Spine. 36(25):2139-2146, December 01, 2011.

Evaluation of Bioabsorbable Multiamino Acid Copolymer/α-Tri-Calcium Phosphate Interbody Fusion Cages in a Goat Model

Chunguang, Zhou; Yueming, Song; Chongqi, Tu; More

Spine. 36(25):E1615-E1622, December 01, 2011.

Asymptomatic Same-Site Recurrent Disc Herniation After Lumbar Discectomy: Results of a Prospective Longitudinal Study With 2-Year Serial Imaging

Lebow, Richard L.; Adogwa, Owoicho; Parker, Scott L.; More

Spine. 36(25):2147-2151, December 01, 2011.

Substantial Asymmetry in Paraspinal Muscle Cross-Sectional Area in Healthy Adults Questions Its Value as a Marker of Low Back Pain and Pathology

Niemeläinen, Riikka; Briand, Marie-Michèle; Battié, Michele C.

Spine. 36(25):2152-2157, December 01, 2011.

Blood Serum Antibody Analysis and Long-Term Follow-up of Patients Treated With Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 in the Lumbar Spine

Burkus, J. Kenneth; Gornet, Matthew F.; Glassman, Steven D.; More

Spine. 36(25):2158-2167, December 01, 2011.

Clinical Outcomes Among Low Back Pain Consulters With Referred Leg Pain in Primary Care

Hill, Jonathan C.; Konstantinou, Kika; Egbewale, Bolaji E.; More

Spine. 36(25):2168-2175, December 01, 2011.

The Clinical and Radiological Presentation of Spinal Dural Arteriovenous Fistula

Muralidharan, Rajanandini; Saladino, Andrea; Lanzino, Giuseppe; More

Spine. 36(25):E1641-E1647, December 01, 2011.

Can Infection Associated With Rib Distraction Techniques Be Managed Without Implant Removal?

Smith, John T.; Smith, Melissa S.

Spine. 36(25):2176-2179, December 01, 2011.

Does Lumbar Disc Degeneration on Magnetic Resonance Imaging Associate With Low Back Symptom Severity in Young Finnish Adults?

Takatalo, Jani; Karppinen, Jaro; Niinimäki, Jaakko; More

Spine. 36(25):2180-2189, December 01, 2011.

T Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Discography Pressure as Novel Biomarkers for Disc Degeneration and Low Back Pain

Borthakur, Arijitt; Maurer, Philip M.; Fenty, Matthew; More

Spine. 36(25):2190-2196, December 01, 2011.

Normal Patterns of Sagittal Alignment of the Spine in Young Adults Radiological Analysis in a Korean Population

Lee, Chong Suh; Chung, Sung Soo; Kang, Kyung Chung; More

Spine. 36(25):E1648-E1654, December 01, 2011.

Does the Duration of Symptoms in Patients With Spinal Stenosis and Degenerative Spondylolisthesis Affect Outcomes?: Analysis of the Spine Outcomes Research Trial

Radcliff, Kristen E.; Rihn, Jeff; Hilibrand, Alan; More

Spine. 36(25):2197-2210, December 01, 2011.

Predicting Health-Utility Scores From the Cervical Spine Outcomes Questionnaire in a Multicenter Nationwide Study of Anterior Cervical Spine Surgery

Skolasky, Richard L.; Carreon, Leah Y.; Anderson, Paul A.; More

Spine. 36(25):2211-2216, December 01, 2011.

Dysphagia Following Cervical Spine Surgery With Anterior Instrumentation: Evidence From Fluoroscopic Swallow Studies

Leonard, Rebecca; Belafsky, Peter

Spine. 36(25):2217-2223, December 01, 2011.

A Comparison of Three Types of Postoperative Pain Control After Posterior Lumbar Spinal Surgery

Wu, Meng-Huang; Wong, Chung-Hang; Niu, Chi-Chien; More

Spine. 36(25):2224-2231, December 01, 2011.

Artificial Cervical Disc Arthroplasty: A Systematic Review

Cepoiu-Martin, Monica; Faris, Peter; Lorenzetti, Diane; More

Spine. 36(25):E1623-E1633, December 01, 2011.

Laminar Closure After Classic Hirabayashi Open-Door Laminoplasty

Lee, Dong-Ho; Park, Soo-An; Kim, Nam Heun; More

Spine. 36(25):E1634-E1640, December 01, 2011.

Bilateral Discal Cysts Managed by Partial Hemilaminectomy and Microscopic Resection of Hemilateral Cyst

Shibata, Sumiya; Hanakita, Junya; Takahashi, Toshiyuki; More

Spine. 36(25):E1655-E1658, December 01, 2011.