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August 01, 2011 - Volume 36 - Issue 17
pp: i-i,1333-1425,E1121-E1178

The Effects of Age, Sex, Ethnicity, and Spinal Level on the Rate of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration: A Review of 1712 Intervertebral Discs

Siemionow, Krzysztof; An, Howard; Masuda, Koichi; More

Spine. 36(17):1333-1339, August 01, 2011.

The Creation of Scoliosis by Scapula-To-Contralateral Ilium Tethering Procedure in Bipedal Rats: A Kyphoscoliosis Model

Liu, Lifeng; Zhu, Yue; Han, Xiuxin; More

Spine. 36(17):1340-1349, August 01, 2011.

Tumor Necrosis Factor-α Antagonist Reduces Apoptosis of Neurons and Oligodendroglia in Rat Spinal Cord Injury

Chen, Ke-Bing; Uchida, Kenzo; Nakajima, Hideaki; More

Spine. 36(17):1350-1358, August 01, 2011.

Kinematics of Cervical Total Disc Replacement Adjacent to a Two-Level, Straight Versus Lordotic Fusion

Martin, Shelden; Ghanayem, Alexander J.; Tzermiadianos, Michael N.; More

Spine. 36(17):1359-1366, August 01, 2011.

The Quantitative Assessment of Risk Factors to Overstress at Adjacent Segments After Lumbar Fusion: Removal of Posterior Ligaments and Pedicle Screws

Kim, Ho-Joong; Kang, Kyoung-Tak; Moon, Seong-Hwan; More

Spine. 36(17):1367-1373, August 01, 2011.

Finite Element Modeling of Kinematic and Load Transmission Alterations due to Cervical Intervertebral Disc Replacement

Womack, Wesley; Leahy, P. Devin; Patel, Vikas V.; More

Spine. 36(17):E1126-E1133, August 01, 2011.

Reproducibility of Radiographic Measurements for Subaxial Cervical Spine Trauma

Bono, Christopher M.; Schoenfeld, Andrew; Rampersaud, Raj; More

Spine. 36(17):1374-1379, August 01, 2011.

Reverse Causality in the Association Between Whiplash and Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression: The HUNT Study

Mykletun, Arnstein; Glozier, Nicholas; Wenzel, Hanne Gro; More

Spine. 36(17):1380-1386, August 01, 2011.

Dysphagia After Anterior Cervical Spine Surgery: A Prospective Study Using the Swallowing–Quality of Life Questionnaire and Analysis of Patient Comorbidities

Siska, Peter A.; Ponnappan, Ravi K.; Hohl, Justin B.; More

Spine. 36(17):1387-1391, August 01, 2011.

Preoperative Evaluation of the Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy With Flexion-Extension Magnetic Resonance Imaging: About a Prospective Study of Fifty Patients

Zhang, Lei; Zeitoun, Delphine; Rangel, Alfonso; More

Spine. 36(17):E1134-E1139, August 01, 2011.

Reliability and Reproducibility of Subaxial Cervical Injury Description System: A Standardized Nomenclature Schema

Bono, Christopher M.; Schoenfeld, Andrew; Gupta, Giri; More

Spine. 36(17):E1140-E1144, August 01, 2011.

Pediatric Cervical Kyphosis: A Comparison of Arthrodesis Techniques

Martus, Jeffrey E.; Griffith, Terri E.; Dear, J. Cuyler; More

Spine. 36(17):E1145-E1153, August 01, 2011.

One, Two-, and Three-Level Instrumented Posterolateral Fusion of the Lumbar Spine With a Local Bone Graft: A Prospective Study With a 2-Year Follow-up

Inage, Kazuhide; Ohtori, Seiji; Koshi, Takana; More

Spine. 36(17):1392-1396, August 01, 2011.

The Morbidity and Mortality of Fusions from the Thoracic Spine to the Pelvis in the Adult Population

Howe, Christopher R.; Agel, Julie; Lee, Michael J.; More

Spine. 36(17):1397-1401, August 01, 2011.

Legal Sequelae of Occupational Back Injuries: A Longitudinal Analysis of Missouri Judicial Records

Tait, Raymond C.; Chibnall, John T.

Spine. 36(17):1402-1409, August 01, 2011.

Low Back Pain in Adolescents: Is Quality of Life Poorer in Those Seeking Medical Attention?

Fontecha, Cesar G.; Balagué, Federico; Pellisé, Ferran; More

Spine. 36(17):E1154-E1161, August 01, 2011.

Postoperative Surgical Site Infections in Patients Undergoing Spinal Tumor Surgery: Incidence and Risk Factors

Omeis, Ibrahim A.; Dhir, Mashaal; Sciubba, Daniel M.; More

Spine. 36(17):1410-1419, August 01, 2011.

Harvey Cushing, the Spine Surgeon: The Surgical Treatment of Pott Disease

Bydon, Ali; Dasenbrock, Hormuzdiyar H.; Pendleton, Courtney; More

Spine. 36(17):1420-1425, August 01, 2011.

The Pros and Cons of Evidence-Based Medicine

Croft, Peter; Malmivaara, Antti; van Tulder, Maurits

Spine. 36(17):E1121-E1125, August 01, 2011.

Myonecrosis of Paralumbar Spine Muscle

Kim, Sang Woo; Kim, Sunny S.

Spine. 36(17):E1162-E1165, August 01, 2011.

Administration of Sodium Ibandronate in the Treatment of Complicated Giant Cell Tumor of the Spine

Zhang, Wei; Zhang, Yuming; Li, Pengfei; More

Spine. 36(17):E1166-E1172, August 01, 2011.

Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy via Contralateral Approach: A Technical Case Report

Kim, Jin-Sung; Choi, Gun; Lee, Sang-Ho

Spine. 36(17):E1173-E1178, August 01, 2011.